How to Keep Your Roller Shades in Auburn Pet Friendly

When you have pets, you want to make sure every part of the house is safe for them. The house also needs to be geared toward their needs and the fact that pet fur gets everywhere. You can still have roller shades in Auburn, but you’ll need to make sure they are pet-friendly and safe.

Some of this comes down to finding the best roller shades when you’re looking. Some of it comes down to maintenance and using your shades just right for your pets. Here are the top tips to keep your roller shades pet-friendly.

Opt for Cordless Roller Shades

The first thing to do is to make sure your window coverings are safe. You’ll see a lot of roller shades in Auburn are now cordless, and this is what you want to get. Cordless window coverings are popular for those with children, but they are also safer for pets. After all, pets—just like children—don’t understand the dangers of loops in the cords.

When you have cords, pets can end up with their limbs getting caught in the loops, leading to permanent damage. This is very common with cats as they tend to climb the shades if they get in the way, but it can be a problem for a lot of other pets in the house depending on their personalities.

Look Out for Vinyl Roller Shades

While fabric roller shades in Auburn are more popular and affordable, you’ll want to look at getting vinyl or PVC shades. You can get softer plastics that make it easy to roll the shades up and down rather than the solid coverings that blinds offer.

The benefit of vinyl is that the material won’t collect all the pet fur. Fabric window coverings will collect pet fur and dander in the fibers. This means you need to spend more time cleaning them to make sure you get rid of it all. Even if you’re not allergic, the pet dander can be an irritant in the home.

You’ll still need to do some cleaning of the window coverings. However, you won’t need to do as much and it’s easier to get rid of the pet fur.

Don’t Cover the Entire Window While You’re Out

Now it’s time to use your roller shades in Auburn the best way. While you want to cover the window to block the UV rays, if you’re not in the house, you’ll want to keep the shades up a little. Your pets will want to see outside the house, especially if they have separation anxiety.

If you cover up the windows in full, you block the light coming into the room. This can also cause pets to get a little confused about the time of the day, which causes problems for their personalities.

You want your home to be as friendly for your pets as possible, and getting the right window coverings is part of that. You can get roller shades in Auburn, but you’ll want to make sure they’re pet-friendly.

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