How to Protect Wooden Shutters in Auburn from the Sun

We all know the sun’s rays are damaging. They aren’t just bad for our skin, but they are bad for everything around our homes. That includes beautiful wooden shutters in Auburn.

You’ll want to protect this investment in the home. After all, your shutters protect everything else from the sun. How can you help minimize the risk of UV rot in your shutters?

Consider Getting Faux Wood Instead

If you’re still in the processes of buying wooden shutters in Auburn, consider getting faux wood. There are some excellent options that look like the real thing. The best things about faux wood are they’re cheaper and last longer than most real wood counterparts.

There is still some maintenance you’ll need to do. Faux wood just offers a little less maintenance.

For those who have real wood or really want the real wood options, you’ll want to follow the rest of the tips to protect them from sun rot.

Apply a UV Protection to Your Shutters

The best thing you can do to protect real wooden shutters in Auburn is to apply a UV protection. There are multiple products on the market, but the place you get the shutters from, or the manufacturer will be able to recommend the best product for your needs.

The UV protection will help to absorb some of the UV rays—or they’ll force the UV rays to bounce back. The way it works will depend on the product. The benefit is that the wood doesn’t end up absorbing the damaging materials.

You’ll need to follow the instructions on the bottle. Make sure you apply as regularly as suggested. Good maintenance is what will protect your wooden shutters in Auburn from sun damage. It will also protect the shutters from other types of damage to make the most of your investment.

Make Repairs as Soon as Necessary

Your shutters aren’t going to last forever without some work. Wood will start to crack, and the varnish will need replacing. As well as UV protection, you’ll need to carry out other types of maintenance on your shutters.

Something to look out for is any repair work that needs doing on your wooden shutters in Auburn. This could be just to one louver, or it could be to a hinge that’s started to snap. Whatever it is, you’ll want to carry out the repairs as soon as possible. If you leave a crack or a break there, you end up exposing the wood. This leads to extra damage from the sun.

Sometimes, the shutters need a complete replacement. You wouldn’t need to replace every single shutter in the home. Focus on just the single panel that needs to be replaced as and when necessary. This is going to get you the most out of the full investment.

Protecting your home against the sun’s UV rays is important, and you’ll likely do that with wooden shutters in Auburn. Now you’ll need to protect your shutters against the same type of damage.

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