How to Make the Most of the Benefits of Wooden Shutters in Auburn

There are many types of window treatments and materials available. You’ve likely chosen wooden shutters in Auburn for your window. Now you need to make sure you make the most of them.

The exact way to use them will depend on the type of shutters you have. Most people will get plantation shutters in their home, so we’ll work with the idea of them for your window coverings. Here’s how to make the most of them.

Open Wide on Bright Winter Days

During the winter months, it’s hard to get a lot of heat into the home. You want to make the most of the bright days when the sun shines through. The UV rays are on the low side, but they can still offer some excellent heating benefits during the daytime. They’ll help to heat some of the homes, keeping the need for the heating to a minimum during the day and on a night.

Open the wooden shutters in Auburn up as much as you can. This could be to sit the louvers parallel to the floor, but you can also open the doors up completely to let all the light in.

Shut Up Wooden Shutters in Auburn Tight on a Night

On a night, you want to block the heat escaping through the window. The best thing you can do is close the shutters up completely, making sure the louvers are completely closed.

This is something you can do throughout the year. Even in the summer, closing the shutters can be beneficial to keep the heat from the outside working its way into the home. However, shutting the shutters is best during the winter, spring, and fall, when the temperatures are likely to plummet overnight to avoid heat loss from your house.

Twist the Louvers to Redirect the Light

Glare is an issue in the home. You can make the most of your wooden shutters in Auburn by using the louvers to their full potential. Twist the louvers so that they can redirect the light to get rid of the glare.

This isn’t just good for comfort levels. It will also help to avoid the UV rays shining through and causing temperatures to rise. You will also minimize damage to the furniture and the walls. You’ll want to do this during the late spring through to the early fall when the UV rays are at their strongest.

Maintain the Window Treatments to Protect the Shutters

Make sure you maintain your wooden shutters in Auburn. The wood will breakdown due to UV rot, but a good finish and protective layer will minimize that damage. This often needs applying regularly, following the directions on the treatment.

With good maintenance, you’ll find your shutters last much longer. They end up being worth the money you invest in them.

It’s time to make the most of the benefits of your wooden shutters in Auburn. When you use them effectively and protect them, they will offer benefits for years to come.

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