How Can You Manage the Cords on Your Faux Wood Blinds in Auburn?

You know that opting for cordless blinds is safer and better for the family. Children and pets don’t understand the dangers of cords. The problem is your faux wood blinds in Auburn are already installed. You’re not in a position to replace the corded options with cordless ones.

This means you need to manage your cords. It’s important to make your home as safe as possible. There are ways around the situation, but you need to be consistent to keep everyone safe.

Lock the Cords Out of Reach at All Times

You want to get the cords out of the way. One of the ways to do this is to pin them above the faux wood blinds in Auburn. You’ll need a reliable pin, something that will lock your cords in place above the blinds, or at least, out of reach of small hands.

Out of sight, out of mind. That’s the general rule when it comes to this. It usually does work, and you still get to keep the full functionality of the window coverings.

You’ll need to be consistent with this. One of the annoying things is that the cords can end up being hard to reach. It can be a struggle for you to lock the cords out of the way, and then you start to get lazy. Don’t do it! If you know you won’t do it consistently, you’ll want to think about ties.

Get Ties for the Cords on Faux Wood Blinds in Auburn

There are a few different options forties. The best one for your corded blinds is the metal hooks that sit at the side of the window. They are a little like the hooks on vacuum cleaners to wrap the cord around so it stays snuggly in place when the vacuum cleaner isn’t in use.

You’ll wrap the cord around the hooks. This helps to create tension in the cords, so it’s impossible for children to pull at them and play.

However, the bottom of the cord may still be in reach. Children may be tempted to play because they’re in eyeshot. It’s worth getting the hooks placed at the middle of the window at least to wrap up the cord fully.

Cut the Loops If You Have Them

If you do have continuous loop cords on your faux wood blinds in Auburn, consider cutting them. This doesn’t have to change the functionality of the blinds. If you cut them in the right place, you’ll still be able to pull them up and down to use them. The exact place to cut is going to depend on exactly how your blinds work.

Opting for cutting the cord will help you get rid of that loop that is the most dangerous element of all corded blinds. You take away the strangulation risk. Sure, there are still some risks to having the cord in general and you can follow other tips above for that, but you get rid of the most dangerous element.

Now is the time to invest in the safety of your children. If you can’t replace your corded faux wood blinds in Auburn, at least get the cords out of the way.

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