Can You Get Blackout Shades in Federal Way in Natural Materials?

There is a larger focus on making your home eco-friendly and part of that comes from the window coverings and material choices you make for the home. Federal Way blackout shades are popular for many, especially those with children, but can you get them in natural materials? Here’s all you need to know about eco-friendly blackout shades for your home.

Natural Materials Are Available

It’s possible to use natural materials for the majority of blinds and shades, especially when it comes to fabric. There are many types of fabrics that will create beautiful and effective shades of all styles and needs. Your blackout shades in Federal Way can be made with these natural and non-processed materials.

What you’ll really want to think about is the colors and types of natural materials you use. This is when the darker colors will become useful. Here are some tips to follow to find natural blackout shades for your home.

Choose Thicker Natural Materials

Look out for the shades that are made with thicker layers. Linen tends to be one of the popular options and you can get Federal Way blackout shades in both dark and light colors with this eco-friendly option. Cotton is another popular option for thicker, natural blackout shades.

Don’t forget about real wood, bamboo, and reeds. At first, they can seem like expensive options, but with more people looking for them, more are being made to keep the costs down. They are also beautiful options, as you can get them in a range of styles and colors. It’s possible to get both blinds and shades for a blackout effect in the home.

Make Sure They’re Natural

There are companies that will tell you the blackout shades in Federal Way are eco-friendly and PVC-free. For the most part, this may be true, but you need to know what they actually mean. Eco-friendly doesn’t necessarily mean that the shades are made with natural materials. They can mean that they help to reduce the amount you use your heating or air conditioning, making your home eco-friendly by minimizing the use of fossil fuels.

PVC-free blinds may not have this synthetic material but what materials are used in place? Some will use acrylic or fiberglass, which still isn’t good for the family. You want to find those that use natural materials that will break down well in the environment. Look out for companies that focus on the environmental and physical health, not just on the heating bills.

Check on the Fit

The best blackout shades will fit in the window frame. This helps to stop the light from shining through the edges, which can be off-putting for children who see that there is a glimmer of light. Even natural shades can be made to fit the whole window frame—and you can get cordless options. Consider honeycomb shades for this benefit.

Do you want a natural home? Are you looking to be more eco-friendly? Make sure you look out for the best Federal Way blackout shades, using only natural materials.

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