Can You Double Up Roman Shades in Federal Way?

You know that roman shades in Federal Way look amazing. There is a downside to the fabric material, though. It may not be the best in the winter. Depending on the type, it may not be able to block all the heat leaving your home.

 Doubling up your window treatments is an easy and affordable way to block the heat escaping in the winter. However, do roman shades work with the double up treatment? Here are some considerations to make.

 It’s Going to Depend on the Mounting 

Where are your roman shades in Federal Way being mounted? Will you get inside or outside mounted window treatments? This is going to depend on whether you can double up effectively.

 If you mount on the inside of the frame, you’ll find curtains and drapes are excellent options. They’re also the only option that will work. When you opt for outside mounted window treatments, you’ll find that you can use roller shades, solar shades, or even net curtains. These will sit between the roman shades and the window, so your roman shades become the secondary treatment. 

You’re going to also want to consider the style of your roman shade. Make sure your secondary treatment blends well with the style. For example, net curtains aren’t going to work as well with ornate roman shades. The two styles tend to clash.

 Curtains or Drapes May Be Your Only Option 

You may find that the only window treatments that will double with roman shades in Federal Way are curtains or drapes. These window options will hang on the outside of the shades, whether you have inside or outside mounted window treatments.

 Because of the rod, there’s no need to worry about the curtains getting in the way of the shades working properly. You’ll get full use.

 The downside can be the style of the shades. If you have fancy shades, they tend to clash with any other window treatment, even neutral curtains or drapes.

 You Could Look at Dual Roman Shades in Federal Way

 While you could look at doubling up, you could look at getting roman shades that are designed for the colder weather. Dual shades have a roman shade on one side but will use a secondary layer that is usually a solar shade. You can pull down the solar shade during the day to help allow light in without the glare. On a night, you then pull down the roman shade part.

 While these are beneficial throughout the year, they may still not be the best option in the winter. It’s going to depend on the thickness and quality of the material. You may still want to consider doubling up your window treatments, looking at curtains or drapes to hang on the other side.

 Roman shades in Federal Way do look beautiful, but they’re not necessarily going to be right throughout the year. Sometimes they just don’t stop the heat escaping enough to make your home comfortable. There’s nothing wrong with doubling up, but make sure you have shades that work for this.

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