Are Coolaroo Shades in Federal Way Waterproof?

When you’re setting everything up for your outdoor space, you’ll want to look at outdoor blinds. Coolaroo shades in Federal Way are among the most popular options. They come in a variety of styles and colors to suit your exact needs.

The big question you’ll have is whether they’re waterproof. Can you stay outside while it rains without worrying about damaging your shades or getting wet? This will depend on the amount of rain that is falling.

Coolaroo Shades in Federal Way Are Water Resistant

The brand can’t guarantee complete waterproofness when it comes to these shades. This is due to the way the material can sit and end up pooling water. It also depends on the exact mechanical system for opening and closing. That doesn’t mean you can’t sit out in the rain, but you could damage the shades depending on how heavy that rain is.

They are made to be water resistant, though. This means the material helps to repel the rainwater that comes down, which is great for when the shades are open while it rains outside. There’s no need to rush out and take the shades down each time the bad weather comes.

You may want to take the shades down in the winter months or find a better protective cover for them. The rainwater comes down more frequently and there are issues with freezing the systems during this time of the year.

You Can Get Mold and Mildew Resistant Shades

While not waterproof, you will find that Coolaroo shades in Federal Way are resistant to both mold and mildew. This is important considering the window coverings will sit outside for long periods of time. You can’t control Mother Nature, and you will find it difficult to rearrange your patio to protect the shades from dripping water.

The material doesn’t soak in the rainwater that falls. This is great for avoiding permanent damage to the material due to the water. Mold and mildew both cause problems for the material, causing it to break down so you have to replace the window coverings more frequently. They can also lead to health problems.

The term “resistant” is important, though. You’ll need to take care of the shades to make sure any rainwater is cleared off if there has been a heavy fall. If you have them still up in the winter, you’ll need a protective layer over them.

You May Need to Order an Extra Element

Not all Coolaroo shades in Federal Way automatically come with the layer that protects against the rainwater. After all, not all shades are going to be used outside. You’ll need to order the Weather Proof shade cloth that comes with the shades.

This is an extra cost that is more like an investment. You’re protecting the shades from damage so you can use them however you want.

Your Coolaroo shades in Federal Way aren’t designed for use in the rain. You’re not getting that full protection to enjoy your patio. However, they are resistant to water damage with the right addition to the shade.

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