Outdoor Motorized Shade Saves Family from Harmful UV Rays & Keeps their Family Room Cool

The before shots: beautiful home in Somers, CT with a 2 story window. Two story windows are not unheard of in this part of town, but this window had a scary secret. The sun was shining off the window and melting the siding! Not only melting the siding but also the hot tub and the trex steps to the hot tub! The homeowner noticed all these issues as well as the fact that it was verrrry hot where they were about to build a beautiful stone patio and put in a pool.

Joyal window before close up.png Joyal siding melting.png

Joyal hot tub melting.png Joyal before 2 story.png

Armed with this information and pictures on his phone, the homeowner stopped into Budget Blinds of Enfield to discuss his dilemma. The owner of Budget Blinds of Enfield, Laurie Mongillo, set to work investigating different options and arrived at an outdoor solar shade with 1% openness to block 99% of the UV bouncing off the window. Placing the shade on the outside of the glass reduced the “death rays” as they are called in Las Vegas Nevada (where the term was first coined) because of the high amounts of glass and sunshine reflection. It also kept the inside of the home cooler because the harmful UV rays are stopped before they pass through the glass. Your glass windows are where you gain harmful UV rays in the summer, regardless of Low-E glass and window film. A solar shade helps stop the UV in it’s tracks!


Working with one of our commercial vendors, the owner of Budget Blinds of Enfield assembled her team. No detail was left unturned, including the frame color of the shade, the casing on the home to the color of the solar screen to maximize the view. Each team member had a specific role, and all was project-managed by the owner, making sure to synchronize each operation with minimal disruption to the homeowner:

1. The vendor chosen to supply the motorized shade with sidetracks and motor – made to withstand outside wind conditions and easily slide up and down from the outside.

2. An electrician to hard wire the motor of the shade to the inside of the home

3. A carpenter to peel back the siding and install a beautiful frame to house the shade so that aesthetically the shade would look like it was always there.

4. The A-Team installation team who would measure and install this shade on the hottest day of the summer. Not planned but that’s just how it worked out!


The result: A beautiful backyard resort, protected from harmful UV rays so that the family can enjoy pool time. The homeowner would not have to worry about the structure and siding withstanding further warping from the sun and as an added bonus, the family room on the inside of the two story window is kept remarkably cool while still maintaining the gorgeous view.

IMG958413002.jpg Joyal after backyard2.jpg

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