Motorized Shades: Art of Convenience

Motorized Shades: Art of Convenience

How to Choose the Right Motorization for Your Home.

When choosing a motorized custom window treatment, there’s not only the choice of the type of product but also how the product will be used and powered. At Budget Blinds of Enfield & Hartford, we offer Smart Home, Rechargeable Wand, Basic Motor, and Motorization focused on specialty-shaped windows. Let’s look at the difference between each.

Smart Home

Smart Home shades are the wave of the future, not only for high and hard-to-reach windows but also for:

1.   Energy Efficiency (lower shades during the hottest time of the day).

2.   Security (Make it look like you are home even when you are away by controlling your shades from an app).

3. Convenience and time savings, controlling banks of windows or the whole house at once!

4.  Child and pet-safe, with no cords. As of June 1st, dangling cords are not available.

This option is a great solution for:

1. Busy Moms & Dads – You get to set your shades with the touch of a button and not have to worry about it. Need to have your kids up for school? Program your shades to go up at a specific time in the morning and wake up the kids with sunlight.

2.  Recent grads – Starting new jobs? Program your shades to go up in the morning and down at sunset.

3.   Hard-to-reach windows – With Smart Home, you don’t have to worry about getting up and manually controlling your shades, especially with hard-to-reach windows. You get to sit back and relax while controlling your shades from an app or voice control (Alexa, Google Assistant).

P.S. You can program your shades to allow sleeping in on the weekends… and on weekdays to open with the rising sun for work. 

Check out this video on 'Smart Home'. Or click HERE to read more about it.

Rechargeable Wands - Recharging shades just got easier with simple charging!

In the past, charging your shades might have involved a charge and navigating around furniture and wall outlets. But now, with this rechargeable wand, this task becomes quick and easy.

This wand is a great solution for those hard-to-reach motorized windows, providing the advantage of simply plugging the wand into the shade and letting it charge! No need to struggle with finding a suitable outlet. Check out this video on rechargeable wands.

Unique Windows – Struggling with what to do with your unique windows?

Look no further… here at Budget Blinds we help solve your window treatment challenges. Whether you have an arch or trapezoid window, we have a solution for you. Within our vast vendor alliance, we have a vendor who focuses on motorization for specialty-shaped windows.

Check out this video on motorized arched windows.

Check out this video on motorized trapezoid honeycomb shades.

Basic Motor

A basic motor is an affordable, entry price point, offering the benefit of operating your custom window treatments with the push of a button, giving you quick and easy access to privacy or light control. They aren’t smart meaning that you must operate them with a remote, no timers or schedules. This is an affordable way to see if motorized shades are right for you.

Power Wand

Another way to test the waters with motorization is a POWER WAND! Great for over a sink or hard-to-reach windows. It’s also an entry price point.

Not sure how Power Wands operate? Check out this video.



Check out a recent installation of a Roller Shade with a Power Wand.

Outdoor Shade Keeps the Siding from Melting in Somers, CT

Below is an outdoor solar shade installed in Somers, CT. The homeowner had trouble with the sun reflecting off the glass and melting their siding. Budget Blinds of Enfield & Hartford suggested a motorized outdoor shade within channels, that withstood the wind and blended into their beautiful outdoor aesthetic! Problem Solved! An added benefit, the indoor family room is kept cooler by the outdoor shade. 

Check out this video of the outdoor solar shade

P.S. Did we mention that we offer Good, Better, and Best pricing? Style and Service for Every Budget!

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