Looking To Add a Touch of Natural Elegance To Your Home? Look No Further Than Woven Wood Shades!

Elevate Your Space with Woven Wood Shades: Special Sale at Budget Blinds of Enfield & Hartford

At Budget Blinds of Enfield & Hartford, we are excited to announce our special sale on Woven Wood Shades, with 30% off until the end of the month (some exclusions apply). Offer ends 3/31/24.

Natural Woven Wood Shades offer finely woven materials that are lighter and thinner than traditional woven woods. With their natural and organic appeal, they bring warmth, texture, and a touch of rustic charm to any space.

Benefits of Woven Wood Shades:

1.      They’re eco-friendly and made from sustainable materials! Handsewn from jutes, bamboos, grasses, and reeds.

2.      Natural Beauty & Aesthetic: Woven Wood Shades bring the beauty of nature indoors, adding a touch of warmth and texture to any room. Their organic look and feel create a cozy and inviting atmosphere that many people find appealing.

3.      Light Control: These shades offer varying levels of light filtration, allowing you to customize the ambiance in your space while providing privacy.

4.      Energy Efficiency: Woven Wood Shades can help insulate your windows, keeping your home comfortable year-round.

5.      Versatile Style: With a wide range of colors, patterns, and textures available, you can find the perfect shade to complement your décor.

6.      They’re easy to maintain and care for. Simply dusting with a soft cloth, vacuuming gently with a brush attachment, or using a compressed air/hair dryer is usually all that is needed to keep them clean.

In summary, they provide the ability to filter light, provide privacy, and enhance energy efficiency all while looking good, they offer both aesthetic and practical benefits. To inspire your design journey, here are some images showcasing the versatility and beauty of Woven Wood Shades:

WW Cordless

Woven Wood Shades_Preuss Ellington


Woven Woods

WW Vertical Folding Door

WW Shade & Vertical Sliding Panel

Woven Wood Shades are a stylish, functional, and environmentally conscious window treatment option that can enhance the beauty and comfort of your home. Consider adding these versatile shades to your windows to enjoy their many benefits.

Don’t miss out on this limited time offer to elevate your space with Woven Wood Shades with special savings! Call us to schedule your free in-home consultation. Let’s transform your home with the timeless charm of Woven Wood Shades.

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