Advice From a Local Decorator The Spring 2017 Edition

Let’s talk arches!

Typically specialty window shapes are more costly to install in your home. This added cost will pay you back with unique beauty. Then comes the question: Do I need to cover that window? Well, there are a few considerations that will play into our answer to that question.

Is privacy a concern? Perhaps your entrance has a really cute octagon window. This space may call for a need for covering. Privacy is important to all of us. There are many options for covering this window. If you like the idea of light still coming in but don’t want your neighbours to be able to tell that you wore that same t-shirt twice (no judgements here) then frosting might be right up your alley. Frosting is a film that can be used on any window and is a cost-effective option as well. The only downsides to frosting are that you won't be able to move that daily to get a clear view when you feel like checking out the view. Also at night when you have your lights on then your neighbours will be able to see your outline through that window. Need more privacy? One of our sale consultants would love to be able to help you find a window covering that matches the style of your home and will give you complete privacy. 

Privacy isn’t a concern? Leave it open! Enjoy the sun pouring in (your cat may have a new favourite sunbathing spot)…But beware: the UV rays from all that beautiful sunshine can be damaging to your floors, furniture, or paint.