4 Drapery in Woodbridge Considerations for the Winter Months

You want drapery in Woodbridge. They are beautiful and offer a range of benefits. However, the winter months are on their way. You need to make sure your home is ready.

Some will tell you that drapes are no good in winter. That doesn’t have to be the case. Here are four considerations to get the home ready for winter with drapes.

Get Thermal Drapes for Your Windows

The best thing you can do is get thermal drapery in Woodbridge. These are designed specifically for the winter months. They block all the heat escaping through your windows, keeping it in the home so your room feels more consistent in temperature. You’ll need to use the heating less, saving you money in the long run.

Thermal drapes will block out all the light. However, you can get bright colors and still gain all the heating benefits. It’s all about the layers in the material and not the color.

Choose Darker Colors for the Winter Months

If you’re not ready for thermal drapery in Woodbridge or it’s on the expensive side right now, you’ll want to look at how colors can help manage the temperature. Grab darker colors for the home. They tend to absorb the heat instead of allowing it to flow through the window, blocking the heat loss in the winter.

Darker colors will also make your room feel smaller. Psychologically, you feel like there’s less space to heat, so it will take less time and the heat is held for longer. On top of that, the colors will make you feel warmer because they tend to be associated with comfort and warmth. If you mentally feel warmer, you will see a physical benefit.

Look at Thicker Drapery in Woodbridge

Not ready for thermal but still want a good set of drapes? It’s all about the thickness of the material. You can even choose lighter colors if you want while keeping the heat in the home.

You want to look for drapes that have multiple layers. A lining is also good for the drapes, protecting the material from UV damage. The multiple layers make it much harder for the heat to escape through the window when the drapes are in use. You’ll block the heat in the home, in a similar way that thermal drapes work.

Consider a Secondary Layer

Want to keep the drapery in Woodbridge you’ve had in the summer? You need to think about other window treatments in the home. Depending on the type of drapes you have, you may need to consider another layer of drapes or you’ll want to think about blinds or shades.

If you have sheer drapes in the summer, look at a thicker set of drapes for the outer edge. You’ll gain the light control benefits during the day but the heat control benefits at night. For those with thicker drapes already, look at a solar shade or a set of blinds. You gain the best of both worlds when it comes to light and heating.

Drapery in Woodbridge looks beautiful, and it can be useful in the winter. You just need to get the right types of drapes.

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