Window Coverings in Austin: Warm Your Windows This Winter

This winter has been harsh and it’s showing no signs of letting up. That means you need to find ways to keep your home warm without spending more on heating. Window coverings in Austin are where you need to turn, but what’s the best option to warm up your windows this winter?

There are a number of options to try, some interior and some exterior. Whatever your budget, there’s an option for you, and here are the top ones to consider.

Add a Patio Blind

Start with the outside of your home. While many may tell you exterior shutters are best, they don’t work for everyone. Instead of something permanent like shutters, why not get a set of patio blinds? You can use them even when you’re not sitting outside to offer privacy and extra warmth.

How do they add warmth in the home? They help to keep the space around the outside of your windows warmer than outside since the air can’t escape as much. You can prevent ice from building up on the windows, which means the heat in the home doesn’t try to escape as much. Working with your interior window coverings in Austin, you get to save money on heating.

Interior Shutters If You Can Afford Them

The most expensive type of window treatment is a set of interior shutters in each of your rooms. They are certainly worth the investment and beautiful additions to the home, but they don’t work for all. If you’re renting, you won’t want to consider them, but if you own the home and can afford them, think about installing these window coverings in Austin.

Shutters cover the whole window. You can get plantation shutters with louvers, so you can allow light in during the day and create perfect privacy during the night. The material prevents heat from escaping, so your home naturally feels warmer.

Try Cellular Shades for Your Home

If you want to keep the cost way down, cellular shades are highly beneficial. These cordless features within the window, preventing gaps around the edges for the heat to escape. You can even get thermal cell shades to keep the heat on the right side of your windows.

The honeycomb structure circulates the heat back into the room. Meanwhile, you have more practical benefits with the treatments, while also adding a safe option for your home.

Install Thermal Curtains in Your Home

Whether you want to double up on your window coverings in Austin or just want one set of curtains, thermal is the way to go this winter. The thicker material will prevent the heat from escaping through the window, so you keep it in the home and use your heating less.

The material covers the whole window to prevent heat from escaping. While more expensive than other curtains, they’re among the cheapest window coverings and are suitable for owners and renters.

It’s time to look at the interior and exterior window coverings in Austin to warm your windows this winter. Consider the top four and you will use your heating less, even in the deep freeze.

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