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    Michael Charlton




  • Joanna Charlton


    5 Years

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    Nathan Charlton

  • brandongerald

    Brandon Gerald

     As a Sales Designer at Budget Blinds, I have been serving customers for approximately three years. I find immense satisfaction in the freedom that comes with this position, allowing me to engage with customers and understand their unique needs.

    Hobbies/Interests: Outside of work, I am passionate about travel, particularly camping, and fishing. Exploring different breweries across the country is also something I thoroughly enjoy, as it combines my love for new experiences and quality craftsmanship.

    Fun Fact: Here's a fun fact about me: I enjoy being a parent to three 17-year-olds! Life is always full of surprises.

    Budget Blinds Memory: Reflecting on my time at Budget Blinds, one particular memory stands out. It was a rewarding experience helping a customer transform their living space with our blinds and witnessing the joy and satisfaction on their faces. That's what makes this job truly special.

    Famous Person: While he has passed away if given the opportunity, I would have loved to provide blinds for the legendary Robin Williams. His talent and charisma were inspiring, and meeting him would have been unforgettable.

    Design Trend: I have a particular affinity for roller shades among the many design options available. They offer remarkable versatility with a wide range of patterns and colors. Moreover, their ease of operation makes them a popular choice.

    Personal Preference: If I choose blinds for my home, I would definitely opt for roller shades. They perfectly align with my preferences, allowing ample natural light during the day and providing privacy when needed at night. They strike the ideal balance for me.

    Favorite Pastime: In my free time, my favorite thing to do is relax. Engaging in outdoor activities, such as grilling out, brings me great pleasure and helps me unwind from the demands of everyday life.

  • TravisPoole

    Travis Poole

    Travis Poole is a dedicated Design Consultant at Budget Blinds, bringing his expertise and passion to the team since January 2023. With a natural affinity for customer interaction, Travis finds fulfillment in helping clients find the perfect window treatments to enhance their homes.

    Beyond his professional endeavors, Travis enjoys indulging in various hobbies and interests. Board games, TV and movies, and hiking are among his favorite pastimes, allowing him to unwind and explore different worlds outside of work.

    A fascinating fact about Travis is his lifelong dedication to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. This beloved franchise has captured his imagination since childhood, fueling his enthusiasm for storytelling and adventure.

    One of Travis's cherished memories at Budget Blinds is when a customer expresses joy and appreciation for the seamless process and his exceptional assistance. Knowing that his efforts have positively impacted someone's home and lifestyle brings him immense satisfaction.

    Among Budget Blinds' core values, Travis resonates most strongly with the value of Caring. He recognizes that customers have numerous choices and is committed to going above and beyond to ensure their needs are met, and their vision is brought to life. Travis understands the importance of creating a personal connection and delivering exceptional service to every client.

    When envisioning the opportunity to install blinds in a famous person's house, Travis's choice would be Denzel Washington. Admiring his remarkable talent and admirable character traits showcased in his movies, Travis would be honored to bring his expertise to Washington's residence and contribute to his living space.

    As a keen observer of design trends, Travis is captivated by Dual Sheer transitional shades. These window treatments make a bold statement and are a captivating focal point in any room. Travis appreciates their versatility and aesthetic appeal, providing a unique touch to any space.

    When selecting window treatments for his home, Travis's top choice would undoubtedly be Dual Sheers. Intrigued by their uniqueness and the vast array of fabric options available, he recognizes the beauty and transformative power they possess.

    Travis enjoys indulging in good food with good company during his free time. With its tantalizing flavors and spiciness, Mexican cuisine holds a special place in his heart. Sharing a delicious meal and creating lasting memories is a cherished pastime for Travis.



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