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Meet your Budget Blinds of Chesapeake Team!

  • kevin resized

    Kevin Welsh


    I chose Budget Blinds because I believe in working hard and having fun while doing it. Our industry allows us to work hard to meet our customer’s needs and wishes, while simultaneously having a great time discussing their project, their home, and their lives. I have always been someone who loves to take on a new challenge that others were scared to approach, and being an owner in this company presents me with this unique opportunity. Whether it’s odd shapes, large sizes, and difficult to reach windows, I want to figure it out and I don’t give up easily.

    Contact Information: 757-356-9996; kwelsh@budgetblinds.com

  • Rachelle resize

    Rachelle Stannard


    This business allows me to meet so many amazing people. When you work in someone’s home you learn their stories; not just who they are, but where they’ve been and what brought them here. Often times, these customers become more like friends. Along with my passion for design, I bring twenty years of experience in window coverings with me. I’m well versed in coming up with solutions for unique windows and I love bringing my creativity and ingenuity into our customer’s homes.

    Contact Information: 757-356-9996; rstannard@budgetblinds.com

  • kayleigh resize

    Kayleigh Wallace

    Office Assistant

    I have found the time spent here at Budget Blinds to be the most rewarding and enjoyable years of my professional career. I play a large role in various aspects of the company and find security in being a go to not only for our customers, but my colleagues as well. Working with the Budget Blinds team to bring one of a kind solutions for our customers keeps me on my toes. I enjoy that not a single day is the same and that I learn something new with each project.

    Contact Information: 757-356-9996; kwallace@budgetblinds.com

  • katie resize

    Katie Johnson

    Office Assistant

    I love coming in to work for Budget Blinds every day and being part of the team. I take pride in the core values of Budget Blinds and I know that my company takes pride in me. As part of the Operations Team, it is my responsibility to help ensure your project goes smoothly from start to finish.  I love being part of the work we do here at Budget Blinds of Chesapeake

    Contact Information: 757-356-9996; kmjohnson@budgetblinds.com

  • lynn resized

    Lynn Welsh

    As the Operations and Marketing Analyst at Budget Blinds, it's my responsibility to help ensure the team is operating at maximum efficiency. I coordinate volunteer events, home shows, and help navigate customer relations. 

    Contact Information: 757-356-9996; lwelsh@budgetblinds.com

  • rsz_lynndee

    LynnDee Kellner

    Sales Consultant

    Each time I walk into a home, I know the project will be different and I get excited to bring my knowledge and my 40+ years of experience to the table. I sit down with each customer and learn about what they want and don’t want to come up with the best solution. I bring sincerity, passion, and commitment to each and every one of my customer’s homes. I look forward to being part of your project and helping you make your house feel like a home.

    Contact Information: 757-435-1654; ldkellner@budgetblinds.com

  • lynne resize

    Lynne Corrigan

    Design Consultant

    When I found out that Budget Blinds is the largest provider of custom blinds and shades in North America, I knew it was the company for me.  There is something for everyone and I wanted to be able to offer that kind of service.  I’m proud to work for a company that cares so much for its customers and employees.  

    Contact Information: 757-406-0569; lcorrigan@budgetblinds.com

  • ogden resize

    Ogden Romani

    Design Consultant

    I think what sets our team part and makes us different is our genuine care for not only one another but for our customers as well. I enjoy going into a customers house and getting to know them and the project that they need help with. With my creativity, I am confident that I can come up with a solution for your window treatments!

    Contact Information: 757-876-7591; oromani@budgetblinds.com

  • bill resized

    Billy Steffen

    Commercial Sales Consultant

    My favorite thing about Budget Blinds is that we are all family. I moved to Virginia in 2019 and have always felt welcome. We are all a family and we pass that mindset on to our customers as well. I specialize in commercial accounts which allows me to be a part of some of our biggest projects. 

    Contact Information: 757-406-0551; bsteffen@budgetblinds.com

  • rongi resize

    Rongi Clayton

    Installation Manager

    I love working for Budget Blinds because I enjoy the reaction of a happy customer after a professional and successful installation. I am a Navy Veteran of 21 years and I take that team mentality into the work I do here at Budget Blinds. We are a very tight crew that is working toward the same company goals. I look forward to helping with your project.

    Contact Information: 757-681-3519; rclayton@budgetblinds.com

  • chad resized

    Chad Krall


    I’ve been working in the construction and service industry for over thirty years and I’ve been able to utilize those skills at Budget Blinds. I’ve been part of many home renovations throughout the years at Budget Blinds and I am confident that my drive for customer satisfaction and professionalism will ensure that your project needs are met. Budget Blinds has been very good to my family and they will do the same for yours.

    Contact Information: 757-876-1059; ckrall@budgetblinds.com 

  • ashley resize

    Ashley Friedman


    Working for Budget Blinds is an amazing experience where you are not just a team member but part of a family. It is always a good feeling when you see a satisfied customer enjoying their new window treatments. I enjoy working on all of the different kinds of window treatments, but blinds and shades are my forte. I look forward to meeting you at your next installation! 

    Contact Information: 757-536-6180; afriedman@budgetblinds.com

  • clinton resize

    Clinton White


    Budget Blinds of Chesapeake is a one of a kind place where I can proudly say each coworker of mine takes the upmost care of each customer until the job is 100% complete. I am a Navy Veteran and I take that pride and transfer it into all of my installations. We truly enjoy bringing a smile to each customer’s face and I’m excited to meet you at your installation.

    Contact Information: 757-681-6106; cwhite@budgetblinds.com

  • ty resize

    Tyhir Deleon


    I enjoy working for Budget Blinds because I enjoy seeing the customers reaction after an install and knowing that I had a part in it. My coworkers all do their best to help each other out and it’s like a family. We like to operate with that mindset when we help our customers too.

    Contact Information: 757-681-5993; tdeleon@budgetblinds.com

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