Yes, Roller Shades in San Marcos Can Work for Your Skylights

While the majority of your windows can look great with a beautiful set of roller shades in San Marcos, you may think your skylights need something different. That’s understandable. The windows are out of reach and there’s the issue of gravity. In some cases, you may think you’ll just need to leave your skylights uncovered.

Contrary to popular belief, roller shades can still be useful. You’ll need specific types, but they can still work for your skylights. Here’s how to make roller shades work for skylights.

Look for Cordless Features

Start with cordless roller shades in San Marcos. While you can’t reach the window coverings as well as other windows, you still want to cut the cords. This isn’t really a safety thing for the family but a practical thing. If you have a cord, it’s constantly going to hang down from the skylight.

Cordless shades will be perfect for sitting within the frame of the rooftop window. And there’s no need for a cord when you have other ways of opening and closing the shades.

One of the benefits of cordless features is the way you’ll avoid the sag. Gravity pulls on the middle of the shade, especially if you close it too much for the window. You don’t want a sag in the middle that lets light in when you don’t want it. Cordless shades will close tight to avoid gravity pulling on the middle.

Consider Motorized Roller Shades in San Marcos

While you could get a shade with a pole system to open and close, this is just finicky. Instead, look at getting a set of motorized shades for the ceiling. Roller shades are the easiest to get made into a motorized system, meaning they remain cheap and viable for your home.

With a motorized shade, there’s no need to reach up to open and close. You can press a button and everything works automatically for you. This button could be wired next to your light switch or you could opt for a battery-powered wireless system. The latter is cheaper.

Alternatively, you could turn your skylight roller shades in San Marcos into a smart system. Get it connected to your WIFI and you can use your cellphone to control it all. This allows you control when you’re out of the house, helping to ease the amount of heat coming in throughout the day or managing the potential UV damage to items in the room.

Solar Roller Shades Are a Possibility

Roller shades can come in a blackout effect if you want, but the point of skylights is to allow light into the home. You just don’t want to deal with the glare. Solar roller shades in San Marcos are excellent for this need.

The downside is the lack of privacy and lighting benefits on a night. You could consider a light-filtering or room darkening shade instead for light without glare during the day and darkness and privacy on at night.

Are you still looking at your window covering options around the home? When it comes to skylights, seriously consider roller shades in San Marcos.

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