Why Sheer Drapes in Bonsall Are Perfect for Your Windows

You’ve heard that Encinitas cordless blinds are the way to go. Some companies are even refusing to make anything other, especially when it comes to blinds for the kids’ rooms. However, they don’t work for every room or every type of window. Here’s when cordless blinds do and don’t work in the home.

Do: Install Them in Children’s Rooms

If you have children, you will definitely want to consider cordless blinds in Encinitas. They are, by far, the best option for safety. There are no loops to get caught in and you can be safe in the knowledge your children are playing and sleeping safely. After all, you won’t watch them the whole time they’re asleep!

Do: Install Them If You Have Pets

Like children, pets don’t have an understanding about blinds and the dangers of loops. They are more likely to run through instead of wait for blinds to be lifted. So you want to make the home as safe as possible. This is where the cordless features come in. They are certainly the safest option for all and will also lead to less damage.

Do: Install Them for Longer Bay Windows

When you’re looking for window treatments for bay windows, you’ll want to seriously consider Encinitas cordless blinds. They offer the benefit of sitting flush next to each other. After all, you’ll likely want smaller sections of the blinds next to each other rather than one long, continuous blind that loops around the bay window. You’ll get a more uniform, flush appearance without the dangling cords and they’re more effective and efficient in use.

Don’t: Install Them on Long Flat Windows

If you have long windows and you just want the one blind for the whole length, you’ll want to avoid cordless blinds in Encinitas. While they may be safer, the weight isn’t distributed properly for longer blinds. The corded loop will level along the whole top of the blind. If you really want cordless features, you’ll want to add smaller blinds next to each other across the long window instead.

Don’t: Install Them on High Windows

This can sound like an obvious no-no, but you’ll be surprised. After all, you can always get step ladders, right? Well, one of the benefits of cordless blinds is to keep the cords away from young people. However, higher windows won’t pose the same danger. Instead, you’re going to make it hard to open and close your blinds, unless they’re motorized.

Don’t: Install Them Behind Furniture

The last thing you want is to reach behind furniture to regularly open and close your blinds. Cords help to get rid of this issue, as you can pull the cord out slightly to use it. If you already have cordless blinds then you’ll want to think about furniture placement instead.

Think carefully about the type of blinds you have in the home. Encinitas cordless blinds are certainly among the safest for the family, but are they the most practical for the home?

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