Why Cellular Shades in San Marcos Are Perfect for the Bathroom

When it comes to window treatments in the bathroom, you can often feel limited. The room becomes humid and damp, which can get trapped in materials and cause mold to grow. Cellular shades in San Marcos could surprisingly be the best option for your bathroom windows. Here’s a look at why you need to consider them.

They Help Circulate Air

Cellular shades in San Marcos are considered one of the best window treatments for managing heat levels in the home. They help to circulate the air within the honeycombs. This offers benefits when it comes to moisture in the air. The shades help to circulate this humid air throughout the room and can even help it get out of the room through the window.

One of the benefits is that you can open the shades from the top. It’s possible to leave a crack open, allowing the humid air to escape through an open window when you’re having a shower. The rest can escape through the extractor fan rather than getting caught in the blinds.

Cellular Shades in San Marcos Are Thin Material

There are different types of materials available for cellular shades, but many of them are relatively thin. The heating benefits don’t come from the material thickness but from the honeycombs. This thin material is beneficial when it comes to humidity.

The material doesn’t collect as much moisture from the air. It also takes less time to dry out during the day, which helps to prevent the growth of mold and mildew. The air continually moves around and you get rid of the moisture relatively quickly.

They Open from the Top

If you get cordless cellular shades in San Marcos, you’ll want to add them to the bathroom. This type will sit in the frame and open from both the top and the bottom. You have more control over the amount of light you let in but also more control over where the gaps are to allow the air to flow through.

When opening from the top, you keep the privacy in the room, which is essential in the bathroom where you can spend a lot of time naked due to washing. The air is able to flow directly through the gap and out of the window. This allows you to gain all the benefits from the shades without worrying about some of the moisture getting tapped in the material of the shades.

They Look Beautiful

Cellular shades in San Marcos are extremely easy to personalize. They come in a range of colors, patterns, and materials. If you want something that creates a completely blackout effect, you’ve got it. Want something quite airy and light? You’ll find something.

When it comes to having a bath, you want to feel positive and relaxed. The color of your cell shades will help with that.

The next time you look for window treatments for the bathroom, make a serious consideration about cellular shades in San Marcos. You’ll be surprised at how beneficial they can be for the humid room in the house.

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