Why Cellular Shades in Carlsbad Are Beautiful Additions for Bay Windows

There are so many different types of blinds and shades that you may struggle to find the perfect option for your home. When it comes to bay windows, you need to find something that fits the shape or within the window panes. This is where cellular shades in Carlsbad are perfect. Here’s why you need to consider them for your bay windows.

They Fit Perfectly in the Panes

When you get other blinds and shutters, you can often struggle to fit them side by side. Because of the shape of the window, the window coverings can catch, so you’re left with a window treatment that loses space. That’s not the case for cellular shades.

Cellular or honeycomb shades with within the window frame. They’re cordless and are placed on runners, allowing them to fit snuggly and comfortably. You can easily move the cellular shades in Carlsbad up and down without catching on the neighboring shades.

There’s no need to faff around with the shape of the windows. You don’t lose space and you keep the beautiful look of the windows.

Cellular Shades in Carlsbad Keep the Light

Many cell shades tend to be made of a thinner material that allows some of the light to shine through the window. It’s not the thickness but the design of the shades that make them so practical. Because of the honeycombs, the heat comes in and circulates back around and into the home. So even with thinner material, you get the heating benefits.

With lighter material, you get to keep some light without the glare in the room. There’s no need to worry about UV damage to your furniture and you still gain the benefits of the bay windows.

After all, the bay windows are placed to allow more light into the room. The windows are usually larger and help to make the space feel bigger. Your window treatments can often cut off this extra space and plunge your room into darkness. This isn’t going to happen with cellular shades in Carlsbad.

Honeycomb Shades Offer More Opening Options

As bay windows tend to be higher than most other windows, you’ll often want to make the most of them. That means being able to open them without sacrificing your privacy. This is where your cell shades are the only perfect option.

Placed on a runner, the shades can open bottom up or top down. They sit in the middle when open offering more opening options. You can keep the privacy at eye level of the windows while opening your shades from the top to allow more light into your home. This also offers the ability to open your windows at the top to keep the air flowing without feeling like people can see in.

Bay windows are beautiful additions to the home and you want to show them off. Cellular shades in Carlsbad are the best option. They come in many colors and styles, making it easy to fit with your décor while dressing your windows beautifully.

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