Why Blackout Shades in Cardiff Are Good for More Than Blocking Light

Blackout shades in Cardiff are one of the best additions for the home. They completely block the light coming into the room, helping to create the night time effect throughout the day. But they do more than just block the light. Here are why blackout shades and curtains are so beneficial for your home.

They Block Out the UV Rays

By blocking out the light, you block out all the rays coming into the home. That means those harmful and damaging UV rays stay on the right side of your window. Your shades protect everything.

The downside is your shades take more of a hit from the rays, but they’re designed for this. With the right coloring and material, the shades won’t become damaged from the UV rays. Meanwhile, your furniture and walls don’t suffer sun spots or damage.

You’ll need to use your blackout shades in Cardiff for this benefit. This will mean blocking out the sun throughout the day. However, you can partially close them to get rid of the sun when it’s at its highest point, leaving some of the window free and natural light shining through.

They Prevent Heat Rising

When the light shines through the window, the heat in the room rises. This is great in the winter when you want as much heat in the room as possible, but it’s bad in the summer. Your home ends up hotter than outside and you have to use the air conditioning more.

Blackout shades in Cardiff prevent this. They stop the UV rays coming in, which is the reason for the heat rising. You get a reprieve from the heat and a more comfortable, consistent temperature. This helps to use your air conditioning less and make a room fun for all to be in.

Blackout Shades in Cardiff Prevent Heat Loss

In the winter, you usually have the opposite problem. Even though the light can heat the room, the heat in the room escapes to the cooler temperatures outside. This can make your home extremely bitter and cold. So, you put the heating on but that heat continues to escape.

Your blackout shades prevent this. The material stops the heat getting through the window, so your home has a more consistent heat. You end up using your heating less, saving more on the bills all thanks to the use of the right shades.

You’ll need to think about the material of your blackout shades in Cardiff for this benefit. Vinyl and thermal materials work better, so look out for those that promise energy efficiency. The great news is with the right materials you can save money through tax rebates because your home is energy efficient.

Blackout shades in Cardiff do more than just block out the light to make sleeping easier. They block out the UV rays and prevent heat loss. Your home becomes more comfortable to live in and the rooms are enjoyable and peaceful. It’s time to consider blackout shades, at least for the bedrooms in the home!

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