Why a Security Alarm Might Not Be Enough

We all want to feel safe in our homes and will often take measures to ensure our security. One of the most common security additions for living spaces is a security alarm. With various brands and models to choose from, it’s possible to find one that will meet the needs of your home. Though security systems add another layer of security to a living space, are they enough to protect a home on its own? We’re taking a look at some of the areas where using only a security alarm leaves your home vulnerable.

Prevention or Response

Many people will install a home security system to prevent a break-in to their homes. Though a system can help to deter some intruders, it doesn’t completely stop them all. A security alarm is just that, an alarm. Like security technology, burglars have evolved and adapted over the years. Many will understand how a security system works and know that they will have a few minutes before police arrive. This means that in the time it takes police to arrive, the intruder could already be gone with your valuable items.

Who’s it Going to Call?

Depending on your system, the security alarm might not directly call the police. Instead, most security systems will call the security company. They will then try to contact you and notify the police depending on your response. This chain of communication could add time to how long it takes to get some kind of response to your home. During a break-in, those extra minutes could make all the difference in whether or not an intruder can carry out their plans.

False Alarms

A security alarm will do its job of alerting you of activity in your home. Still, sometimes this activity isn’t a cause for panic. Whether it be kids getting up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, or a pet getting a drink of water from the kitchen, the activity could trigger the security alarm. This will depend on the security system and its settings. But any kind of activity while your alarm system is active could mean a phone call from your security provider.

Consistency is Key

One of the biggest problems when using a security system is that people don’t activate their alarms. Sometimes they forget, and other times they choose not to. For a security alarm to work and do its job effectively, it has to be activated. We all have those mornings where we’re in a hurry, and there are things that we forgot about. When you connect your alarm system to the app, this will be an easy fix. However, if when you don’t connect your home will be unprotected while you are away.

Often, security alarm owners will deactivate their systems while they are at home to prevent false alarms. Though it may be more convenient to turn your security system off while you are home. This action could very well leave your home unprotected from intruders. To keep your living space secure using a security alarm, it is important to keep it activated and adjust any settings available when you are in your house.

Enhance Your Lifestyle

Security and peace of mind are important to anyone, and the inclusion of home security additions can provide that to any living space. Crimsafe Security Screens are built and tested to ensure the security of your home and family. Crimsafe Security Screens offer a wide variety of lifestyle benefits, in addition to securing your home, that you can’t get from just using a security alarm. Contact us today and enjoy your peace of mind knowing Crimsafe has your back!

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