When Blinds in Oceanside Are the Best Option for Your Home

When it comes to window treatments, there are so many around. Oceanside blinds, curtains, shades, and shutters are all staring at you in the face. It becomes hard and overwhelming to choose between them. It’s time to take them one type at a time. Here’s when blinds are the perfect option for your home.

When You Want to See the View

Blinds traditionally come with slats. Whether they’re vertical or horizontal will depend on the type and size of the window, but both types will help you see the view the majority of the time. The only time you won’t see the view is when they’re completely closed. You can move the slats, so you can still see out of the window without completely opening the blinds; that way you still get the benefits of using blinds in Oceanside homes.

Many other types of shades and shutters will completely block the view when they’re in use. Is that really what you want?

When You Have Large Windows

While you can get a continuous cord loop shade for long windows, blinds are certainly a benefit. You can get vertical blinds, which slide along the full length of your window. Don’t want a huge stack on one side when they’re open? You can add two blinds either side and use them simultaneously, a little like curtains. You get benefits from the material of the blinds and they fit seamlessly together.

These are also good if your large windows slide open and closed. The vertical Oceanside blinds will work in the same direction to make opening and closing easy.

When You Have French Doors

If you have French doors, you have a couple of options for window treatments. Mini blinds are one of the best, especially since they can be held in place to prevent catching on the handles. They’re also made to the size of your French door windows without spending too much on custom-made blinds in Oceanside.

When You Have a Lot of Direct Sun

If your rooms are south facing, you’ll want to consider getting blinds for the windows. You’ll get a lot of sun coming through during the day, which leads to UV damage of the walls and furniture. Blinds offer the chance to change the direction of the rays, block them out completely, and manage the amount of heat and UV light that comes through.

One of the benefits is not getting rid of the view. When the slats are in use, you’ll still be able to see outside. You just reduce the glare straight in your direction. You’ll want to think carefully about the blinds you get. Faux wood and vinyl tend to be best for managing the UV damage to the material and avoid heat warping.

Not sure which type of window treatment to get for your home? Oceanside blinds are beautiful additions for all. Now you just need to choose the type of blinds that work for your windows and doors.

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