What Colors Can You Get Faux Wood Blinds in Oceanside In?

One of the benefits of some window coverings is to add more personality and style to your home. Faux wood blinds in Oceanside certainly have plenty of financial and practical benefits, but what about style? Do you have the choice of adding different colors to your home?

 While most faux wood blinds come in neutral colors, there are a few options available. Here are the standard choices of colors for your blinds.

 Go Plain White

 The most common color of faux wood blind must be white. It’s neutral and works with absolutely any type of décor or style in your home. It’s one of the most practical and beneficial colors going.

 There are many who believe that white blinds aren’t beneficial for the light control. This is the case for some fabric blinds but certainly not for faux wood blinds in Oceanside. Because of the material, you can get the full room darkening or blackout effect when you close the blinds, but you can keep the light filtering in when the slats are slightly opened.

 One of the downsides of plain white is that dirt can show up easily. ou’ll need to make sure you clean regularly to avoid staining and dust collection, making your blinds look older than they really are.

 Work With Naturally Wood Colors 

One of the benefits of faux wood blinds in Oceanside is to get the look of natural wood blinds. To get this, you’ll want to choose a natural color, something like a pine style if you want light or an oak style if you want the darker woods.

 Faux wood blinds come in all sorts of different colors and styles. You have full control over the look of wood that you get into your home to make sure you work with the current fixtures and fittings.

 One of the downsides of real wood-like blinds is that they can be too dark. You can feel closed in and the darker materials aren’t going to necessarily work with your current décor needs.

 Custom Faux Wood Blinds in Oceanside for More Choice

 Finally, you could opt for absolutely any color that you want. When you do this, you’ll want to look at getting a set of custom blinds. These will cost more but they’re worth it when you get something that works for your décor.


You can get almost any color you want. The vinyl treatment on the outside of the blinds can be dyed in all types of colors and even in different styles and patterns. Because of the material, it doesn’t matter how light or dark the color is, you’ll still get the light control you want.


The downside is cost. You’ll want to make sure this is a color you’re happy with for the years to come.


White faux wood blinds in Oceanside are probably the most practical. You can double up with curtains in a different color to add style and personality. At least with white blinds, you’ll be able to work for any décor and color preference change over the years.

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