Single vs. Double Curtain Panels in Oceanside: Which Type Do You Need?

While you may initially decide to get a set of curtains for your home, you’ll soon realize that you still have decisions to make. This isn’t about the coloring or the pattern, but about the number of curtain panels in Oceanside for your home. Do you get singular panels or the traditional double panels?

 The exact answer will depend on a number of factors. It’s mostly about the type of window and the use of your curtains. Here are the pros and cons of both types to help you choose.

 Single Panels Offer an Asymmetrical View 

Most window treatments offer a symmetrical view for those inside the home. It’s considered the traditional option and just the “done thing.” But do you really want that appearance in your home? There’s often something unique and beautiful about the asymmetrical view.

 Single curtain panels in Oceanside offer that lopsided view. It draws attention for all the right reasons when added in the right way. You’ll still want your curtain panels to match any other window treatments and work for the home. You can push your energy to one side of the room, creating a flow isn’t possible with other window treatments.

 Single Perfect for Sliding Doors and Windows

 One of the downsides of Double curtain panels in Oceanside is the way you have to draw them either side of your window. They’re great for standard windows but you could have sliding options. Then what do you do? While the double, symmetrical view can look good, it doesn’t quite work for the style of windows.

 Try single panels. These types of curtains will draw to one side – and you can draw in the same direction your sliding doors or windows open and close. You create a better movement for all, adding more flow to the space.

 Double Curtain Panels in Oceanside for Large Windows

 If you have larger windows, you’ll need more material for coverage. While you can get larger single panels, you may find that double curtain panels are better. You have more control over the amount of the window that is covered, covering the whole window easily if you want but also only pulling on one side if you need to.

 Double panels can also end up costing less than the single panels. You can often get standard sizing for the double curtain panels, meaning you don’t have to opt for custom-made panels, which always tends to push the pricing up.

 Double Panels for the Traditional Look

 While some people like to be different, you may have standard windows and want to go for the traditional look. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this, which is why double curtain panels in Oceanside are still popular.

 You can create a beautiful symmetrical look from your windows, easily working with other décor and window treatments. Now all you need is to choose the coloring and style you want to achieve from your windows.

 Look at all your options when it comes to curtains for your home. Single curtain panels in Oceanside offer their benefits, especially for sliding windows and doors. However, double panels are the traditional option for many to consider.

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