Shutters in San Marcos: Exterior or Interior options?

While there are many types of shutters in San Marcos, one of the biggest questions you’ll initially have for yourself is whether to choose interior or exterior shutters. There are pros and cons to both types of shutters and the exact answer to the question will depend on what you want to gain. Here are the most common reasons people want shutters and the type that works best for you.

Protection from the Elements

One of the benefits of some window treatments is to protect your home from the weather and the elements. You want to keep the windows safe from high storms and keep the frost out. All of this comes from the outside, so the best option for this type of benefit is exterior shutters in San Marcos.

Deterrent from Burglars

When you want your home protected from intruders, you’ll want to find something that acts as a deterrent. Shutters are perfect for this, but which one works out best?

This is one of those cases where you can benefit from both types. However, exterior shutters are the easiest for people to spot. They’ll not even be able to break a window easily, which can help to offer more safety and financial benefits.

Full Lighting Control

There are so many types of shutters in San Marcos. Some will completely block all light, offering a complete blackout effect, while others off a little more light control. If you want the benefit of blinds with in the form of a shutter, you need plantation shutters. These have the louvers to twist.

You’ll only gain the full lighting control from interior shutters. Sure, you can get blinds for your exterior shutters to gain the benefits, but when you just want one type of window treatment you’ll want interior options.

Add More Décor to the Room

Your window treatments will often become part of the décor. They help to add color or a particular style. If you want this to add to the interior of the home, then you’ll certainly need to use interior shutters. The style and coloring of the material will affect the way your home appears.

Gaining Curb Appeal

What about when you want to add curb appeal to your home? You may be surprised to hear that both types of shutters in San Marcos can be beneficial. Exterior shutters are the most common and are immediately visible. They can bring a period look back to a home.

Why can interior shutters be a good option? They can be one color on one side of the shutters and another color on the other side. You can have shutters that work for the décor in the home but match from the outside view, getting rid of skittle windows!

It’s time to decide on the type of shutters you’ll have installed in your home. If you’re going for exterior shutters in San Marcos, you’ll need them for every room in the home. Interior shutters offer a little more leeway on the amount of rooms that gain them. What’s right for your needs?

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