Should You Get Woven Wood or Roman Shades in San Marcos?

With so many different materials and types of blinds and shades to choose from, it can be difficult to pick something. Roman shades in San Marcos are absolutely beautiful, but then you remember those woven wood shades that looked classic and timeless. Which is the right one for you?

There are various factors you need to consider when choosing any type of material. You’ll want to look at your current budget, but also the energy efficiency and décor benefits. Here’s some help to choose between the two.

Woven Wood When You Want Natural

If you want something that is made of natural materials, woven wood is the way to go. These are made with bamboo, jute, grass, and wood. Bamboo is one of the most popular options because of its versatility and beauty.

The natural look will bring in a sense of rustic and relaxation in your home. You also know that your blinds and shades are good for the environment. They will breakdown over time and degrade to support the ground. Roman shades in San Marcos are made of a fabric material that can last for decades.

Woven Wood for the Bathroom

When you want something for the bathroom, you need a material that is moisture resistant. That’s definitely not the case with the fabric of roman shades. Woven wood, however, is a good option. This is especially the case when you get bamboo or grass.

Bathrooms get a lot of moisture and humidity. You can have a beautiful set of bamboo roller shades up that bring in a sense of nature. However, if you get a lot of sunlight into the bathroom, the material can warp or fade easily. This is where roman shades are a benefit.

Roman Shades in San Marcos for Hotter Rooms

When you have south-facing rooms, it’s worth looking at roman shades. They are timeless additions made of fabric that is more durable against the heat that comes into these rooms.

The material doesn’t warp with the heat. But what about the fading? You can get linings on the roman shades, which protects them from the UV damage. At the same time, the material is protecting the rest of your home from sun damage. It’s a win-win situation.

Roman Shades for Better Insulation

Window treatments offer excellent ways to block the heat from escaping the room. Woven wood doesn’t offer great insulation as there are gaps in the weaves. Roman shades in San Marcos are very different. They’re a thicker piece of material with no gaps, offering better insulation.

Sure, there are better materials out there for insulation, but roman shades are good when you need a budget-friendly option. You also get more color and style choices compared to other better-insulated window coverings.

When it comes to choosing between woven wood and roman shades in San Marcos, you need to think about the room and what you want to gain. Are you looking for good insulation window coverings or something for a natural look?

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