Lights, Thermostats, Window Coverings in Escondido: Making Your Home a Smart Home

You want your home to be as smart as possible. That can sound like an odd statement when you consider the house is an inanimate object, but it’s all about connecting to your smart phone or your Alexa/Google Home device. With lights, thermostats, and window coverings in Escondido, you can make your home a smart home.

You get full control of your home devices even when you’re not around. It’s possible to control the heating, turn on the lights, and much more with the right devices. Here’s everything you need to consider for your smart home.

Phone-Controlled Window Coverings in Escondido

Let’s start with something that’s commonly overlooked. Or you may be thinking too much about the upfront costs and not the savings you’ll make. Getting motorized window coverings could be the best thing you ever do. There’s still a wide range of choices of treatments, with everything connected to your smart phone.

When you connect your window coverings in Escondido to your smart phone, you gain control out of the home. If you’re running late, you can close the curtains to help lock in the heat when your heating turns on. Worried about the UV damage during the day? Close your solar shades with ease without being there.

You gain more privacy and more security with phone-controlled treatments over your windows. There’s also more benefit with other smart home additions.

Increase or Reduce the Thermostat

A smart thermostat is possibly one of the first things you’ll consider getting in a smart home. You can control the temperature throughout the house without being there. Forgot to set the timer on the heating that morning? Turn it off while out and turn it back on before you walk through the door.

When paired with window coverings in Escondido, you get far more heating and cooling benefits. You can close the blinds and turn on the heating when on your way home from work. When you walk in the home, it will be toasty. Hey, you can even turn off the heating and the blinds will help to lock in the heat to keep the room comfortable.

This works the opposite way around, too. It’s possible to use the air conditioning and gain a more comfortable home in the summer, especially if you have a south-facing home.

Managing Your Lighting from Your Phone

The most popular item connected to a timer or a phone is the lighting. You get to make it look like someone is in, even if they aren’t. You can set timers for your Christmas decorations so thieves are less likely to steal anything or just have the lights turned on for as you walk through the door.

Connected to your Alexa or Google Home, you can ask the devices to turn the lights on. This means you can manage everything else without looking for the light switch in the dark.

Your home becomes far more comfortable when it’s smart. You gain more control over your privacy and comfort with a thermostat, lighting, and window coverings in Escondido attached to your smart phone.

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