How to Use Drapes in Bonsall to Protect Your Books from UV Damage

One of the reasons people choose against drapes in Bonsall is because they don’t seem to offer many benefits. You either pull them on and off and it leads to the feeling that you don’t get as many light-controlling benefits. That doesn’t have to be the case and you can use them to protect items around your home from UV damage without ruining your view.

If you have books in the home, the UV rays will start to wear the paper down and bleach the covers. You can prevent this with the following tips.

Use One Panel During the Day

You don’t have to pull both panels on during the day. The sun usually shines from a specific angle. If you had blinds, you’d angle the slats to avoid the rays shining onto the books. When you have drapes in Bonsall, you have to think a little more creatively.

Only use one panel. Block the side that the sun is shining in from and you’ll protect the books completely. You’ll likely need to move the panel throughout the day. When the sun shines in the middle, move the panel to the middle and keep the sides open to allow the light to shine through without the damaging rays.

Opt for Linen Drapes in Bonsall

You don’t have to get a thick set of drapes if you don’t want. Even if you have them, you can use something else during the day. Linen drapes are your best friend.

They’re designed to allow the light in without the glare. The material filters out the UV rays, preventing them from shining on the furniture around the home. You can keep the damage to a minimum by blocking the rays from shining onto the books at all.

If you double up with another set of drapes, you have something that will offer the heating benefits during the night. You also have more privacy when you need it.

Have a Set of Net Curtains Too

If you don’t want to deal with pulling the drapes in Bonsall on and off, you’ll want to consider getting something that hands in the window. Yes, you could double up with a solar shade or a venetian blind, but you’re still going to need to get up now and then. Net curtains are perfect.

They remain over your windows at all times. There’s no need to move them during the day and you get the full view out of your window. The curtains will block the UV rays from shining in without blocking the light.

You can still have a set of drapes hanging. Use the drapes during the night when you want more heating benefits or during the times of the day you just want more privacy.

You don’t need to move your books away from the direct sunlight. It’s all about using the drapes in Bonsall to redirect the light or prevent it from shining onto the books. Drapes are far more beneficial than you would initially think.

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