How To Secure Your Home

In the United States, a break-in occurs every 26 seconds totaling 2.5 million break-ins every year. These burglaries correlate to security and privacy being a top concern of homeowners. Fortunately, home design and appearance do not need to be sacrificed for safety. Keep reading to discover how to secure your home in style.


Window Treatments

Updating your home with innovative, trend-forward window treatments can do more than elevate your home’s visual appeal. The right selection of blinds, shades, shutters, and drapes can also increase security and privacy for you and your family.



Wood or faux wood Venetian blinds are designed for tight closure, effectively maximizing light control and privacy. These blinds have slats that can be angled such that outsiders cannot look in, but daylight is still able to get through. During the nighttime, the slats can be tightly closed to boost security while sleeping. Not to mention, wood and faux wood blinds provide a beautiful, inviting look to homes.



Shades enhance privacy by filtering light and blocking outsider views. There are many types, styles, and designs to choose from, so there are options for every room. For example, roller shades offer a modern, sleek look while Roman shades are classic and elegant. There are also bamboo shades, pleated shades, cellular shades, and many other styles to browse!



For a classic, timeless look, wood and composite shutters increase a sense of security while allowing control of natural lighting. Wood shutters come in various stains and finishes and are sustainable and environmentally friendly. Composite shutters are customizable, affordable, and beautiful!



Privacy curtains and drapes are widely popular and come in a variety of fabrics, patterns, and designs. They can also be paired with blinds, shades, or shutters to boost security and privacy. Drapes provide a stunning and inviting look that instantly elevates a room. When drawn completely, drapes exude feelings of coziness and intimacy while maximizing security.


Security Door & Window Screens

Security door and window screens paired with the right window treatments deliver optimal home security. Super strong security screens such as those offered by Crimsafe provide the ultimate protection from burglars, pests, storms, wildfires, and more! The patented steel mesh keeps unwanted guests outside without the need for unpleasant bars or grilles. In addition, these screens preserve unhindered views, airflow, and ventilation!


Window Accents

To give your windows some personality or to simply reduce glare, heat gain, and obtrusive eyes, window film has you covered. This multi-purpose product comes in both decorative film and security-grade film. The decorative film creates a sense of privacy through fun patterns, colors, and designs for your windows. The security-grade film is available in more neutral styles and blocks outsider views.


Smart Home Automation

To ensure home security while away, smart home automation enables homeowners to manage and monitor their homes from anywhere with a smartphone. These devices can control window treatments, lights, thermostats, and more. For example, while on vacation a homeowner may turn on the lights at random, so it appears as though someone is home to deter potential burglars.



You may be thinking it’s going to cost a fortune to secure your home, but not with Budget Blinds! We offer a broad range of window treatments, security screens, window accents, automated appliances, and more. Our affordable home and window products will bring a customized, luxurious look to your home while staying within your budget!


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