How to Protect Your Wooden Blinds in Escondido from Sun Damage

One of the problems of window treatments is that they’re right next to the window. They take in the sun’s UV rays, protecting the rest of your home from sun damage. What about your blinds? If you have Escondido wooden blinds, you’ll definitely want to consider protecting them from sun damage. After all, they’re one of the more expensive treatments since they’re designed to last decades.

Here’s a look at the top three steps to take to protect your wooden blinds from sun and UV damage.

Consider Window Films

This can be a little more costly than many other options, but it’s the best one and that’s why it’s the first step to take. Consider window film seriously to help protect your blinds from the sun damage. The film offers a protective layer that is clear—although slightly darker to help reduce glare. It doesn’t completely replace the need for your wooden blinds in Escondido, but it does help to reduce the need to use and twist your blinds frequently throughout the day.

The layer helps to collect the UV rays. They don’t get through the window to cause damage to anything on the other side. Because of this, they can also help to reduce the heat rays coming in.

It’s also possible to get mirrored films. You create that one-way effect, so you can see out but nobody can see in. This instantly offers more privacy in your room, while protecting your wooden blinds.

Use a Varnish or Sealant

A popular option for Escondido window blinds is to consider a varnish or sealant on the actual wood. You want to add that protective layer directly on the wood, so that it doesn’t allow the UV rays to seep into the wood and cause it to warp. This can also help to reduce the heat rays getting through and help to offer protection against dampness in the room, especially if you hang blinds in the kitchen or bathroom.

The exact type of protection will depend on the blinds. You’ll want to look for wooden blinds that have been made with the protective layer already on. This shows that the companies are interested in durable options.

Think About Net Curtains

Adding another layer before the wooden blinds in Escondido can certainly help to protect against UV damage. Net curtains are affordable and can be a temporary option while you save up for window films for each room. The curtains work as a lining, which will take on the UV rays instead. The downside is they’ll suffer the damage, but net curtains are far more affordable to replace and designed for this.

Opt for lighter colored net curtains. This helps to reduce the aging effect and keep the space light and airy.

With the three tips above, you can keep the Escondido wooden blinds protected from damage. You’re spending money on durable options, so make sure they last the decades they’re designed to do.

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