How to Protect Your Drapes in Horse Creek Ridge from Winter Sun Damage

Winter sun can still be damaging to your home and window treatments. Drapes in Horse Creek Ridge can succumb to more UV damage than other types of window treatments because of the material used. It tends to be heavier and darker.

Make your drapes last as long as they can by taking steps to protect them. You don’t have to do a lot and it won’t cost you a fortune. Here are the top tips to protect your drapes from winter sun damage.

Layer with Another Window Treatment

One of the quickest and easiest options is to add another window covering. Doesn’t this defeat the purpose of drapes? Well, it depends on what your drapes in Horse Creek Ridge are for.

The majority of drapes are decorative. That’s part of the reason they succumb to damage; they’re not designed with longevity and regular use in mind. So, they’re designed to be used with another window treatment, such as shades or linen curtains.

Another window treatment also offers further benefits. You gain another layer against your window to prevent heat loss and you can gain more privacy and lighting control during the day. Consider blinds, shades, or even shutters if you have the budget.

Get a Lining on Your Drapes in Horse Creek Ridge

The next thing to consider is protecting the side of the drapes that show against the windows. You want a lining that will reflect the light and prevent the material from soaking it in.

Many drapes intended for use will often come with the lining already attached. If you’re buying a new set of drapes, look into these ones with linings. Otherwise, you’ll want to get the lining added.

You can also work with a set of linen or sheer curtains. Hang them on the inside of your drapes and allow them to reflect the light. You even get the layering benefits mentioned above.

Vacuum and Wash Regularly

Your drapes in Horse Creek Ridge will need some tender loving care. This isn’t going to take up a lot of your time, though, so don’t worry about that. On a weekly basis, when vacuuming the rest of the house, vacuum the drapes. Otherwise, daily, you can just shake them to dislodge the dust.

Then on a monthly basis, take your drapes down and wash them. When you are washing, make sure you check for any washing instructions. Some can’t be machine washed or tumbled dried, while others can.

Washing and vacuuming gets rid of the daily dust and dirt that builds up. You can also get rid of kitchen grease and smoke odors. The dust and buildup will weaken the fabric of the drapes, making them more susceptible to UV damage and fading.

Consider Second Sets

It could be worthwhile looking at a second set of drapes in Horse Creek Ridge. You can take one set down and replace with a second, allowing more time for washing and limiting the amount of exposure to the winter sun (and sun throughout the year).

Consider your options but take immediate steps to protect your drapes in Horse Creek Ridge. You’ll get your money’s worth with the above tips.

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