How to Measure for Your Wooden Blinds in Bonsall

You’ve decided to get a set of wooden blinds in Bonsall for your rooms. They’re beautiful additions and offer a range of benefits, but you need to make sure they fit the window frames just right. You’ll need to measure each of the window frames individually in a specific way to ensure the blinds sit perfectly. Here are all the tips you need.

Measure Width and Height in Three Places

You’ll need a tape measurer to get the width and height needed for your blinds. Measure in three spots (top, middle, bottom and then left, middle, right). This helps to make sure the whole window is the same – some windows are made slightly skewwhiff and it will affect the sit of your blinds.

When it comes to measuring the height, you’ll want to decide on where you want the wooden blinds in Bonsall to sit. If you have a sill, decide if you want the blinds to sit on the sill or just off (if off, deduct about a quarter inch from the height). When you don’t have a sill, measure to the point that you want the blinds to reach.

Never take a measurement off either height or width for the fit. It’s tempting to take a little off the width to make sure the blinds fit within the frame without catching, but the manufacturers will do that for you.

If you’re measuring for blinds that fit on the outside, you’ll need to measure just over the frame for both the height and width.

Never Measure Current Wooden Blinds in Bonsall

It’s going to be tempting to take your current blinds down and use them to measure. This isn’t going to do you any good. You may have seen some extra gaps at points in your blinds and if you measure from the blinds, you’re adding that defect back in.

Plus, the blinds may not even sit the way you want the new ones to sit. You also run the risk of measuring slightly wrong, as you’ll measure the blind instead of the actual window frame, cutting off width that the manufacturer will cut more off.

Know the Style Before You Start

Before you even begin measuring for your wooden blinds in Bonsall, make sure you know the type of blind you want. The type will affect the length and width. This isn’t just about where you want the blinds mounted but whether you want venetian, Persian, or even vertical.

You’ll find a lot of manufacturers will want specific measurements to custom make the blinds. If you get the measurements for one type of blind and choose a different type, you end up with a look that just isn’t quite right.

This is another reason to avoid measuring your current blinds. They may not even be the type of blinds you want to install!

Take your time to measure for your window coverings. Wooden blinds in Bonsall are designed to last for at least 10 years and you want them to look amazing from the start.

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