How to Make the Most of Plantation Shutters in Bonsall in the Summer

The summer is here and it’s the time that you’ll use your air conditioning more. That doesn’t mean you should have to. If you make the most of your plantation shutters in Bonsall, you’ll find that you can reduce the amount you use your air conditioning. Here are the top tips ot make the most of your shutters this summer.

 Filter the Light in the Daytime

 During the day, you want to reduce the amount of UV rays that come through the window. This doesn’t mean you have to cut out all the light. You can filter the light with the right use of your louvers.

 Turn them up to the ceiling. This will keep the light coming into the home, aiming towards the top to avoid any glare when you’re relaxing in the space. You’ll also find the UV rays don’t get in as well. They’re forced to move in the opposite direction they’d want to, especially when the sun is at its highest point in the day.

 If you’re not in the room during the summer, considering closing the louvers completely. This will prevent all UV rays coming in and prevent the temperatures rising.

 On a night, you can close the louvers completely if you want total privacy. However, this is also a time to open your shutters and let the cool night air breeze in.

 Open the Windows for the Fresh Air 

Even when your plantation shutters in Bonsall are in use, you can open your windows. In fact, this is a great time to use the windows. You’ll manage the levels of light and UV rays but keep the air flowing around your home. Don’t use the air conditioning when your windows are open because you’re wasting money!

 You can have a fan going. This won’t cost as much as your air conditioning and also helps to circulate the air that you have coming in.

 It’s possible to keep your shutters closed with the windows open, as long as the louvers are open. Your shutters won’t clang as long as they’ve been locked properly. If your louvers are closed, keep the windows closed. You’re wasting time with the windows open.

 Keep Your Plantation Shutters in Bonsall Maintained

 You’ll want to stay on top of maintenance when it comes to shutters. This is the case throughout the year but is especially beneficial in the summer. If you have broken louvers or the shutters aren’t sitting properly, you’re creating a gap that allows more UV rays to shine through. 

If you have external shutters, proper maintenance is also good for the thunderstorms throughout the summer. You’ll protect your windows better from the elements, reducing the risk of breakages during this time of the year.

 When you get plantation shutters in Bonsall, you need to make sure they’re working properly for you. They can help you reduce your energy bills throughout the hottest time of the year, but you’ll need to use them practically. Follow the top tips and you’ll make the most of your shutters throughout the summer.

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