How to Get Rid of the Light at the Side of Your Blinds in Escondido

One of the most annoying issues with blinds in Escondido is the light that shines from the side. You need small gaps with many types of window treatments to avoid the material catching on the window frame. What are your options to get rid of this gap? Can you prevent the slither of light coming through?

There are ways to quickly deal with this gap. Sometimes you’ll need to change the placement of the blinds and other times you’ll need to change the type of blind you have. Here are your options.

Mount on the Exterior of the Window Frame

Instead of putting your blinds on the inside of the window frame, mount them on the outside. This leads to getting larger blinds in Escondido, so you don’t have to deal with the slither of lighter. You’ll also get rid of those small gaps that lead to extra heat escaping.

The downside to doing this is the cost. You’ll need to buy new blinds that are slightly bigger than the ones you have. They need to cover the edges of your window and need to be designed to fit over your window frames instead of on the inside. This comes at an extra cost but is worth it for the long term benefits.

You won’t be able to do this for large windows or for bay windows. It’s perfect for standard sized windows or those that are slightly small, like the bathroom, the bedroom, or sometimes the kitchen.

Choose Cordless Blinds in Escondido

Another option is to look at a different type of blind. Getting a cordless blind often means putting it on a runner. This is especially the case when you choose cellular or honeycomb blinds. They’re placed in a runner within the window frame to make it easier to open and close them.

Because they’re in a runner, they don’t have the gaps. The blind edges need to reach and fit in the runners comfortable. In other words, they take up the whole window frame.

There is a slight extra cost and you’ll need to install them properly to make sure they slide up and down properly. However, the cost is definitely worth it. You don’t just get rid of the light, but you gain heating and safety benefits.

Install Light Blockers

Want something that is cheap and quick? Installing light blocks for your blinds in Escondido is the best option. You can keep the current blinds you have and just install the light blockers around your window frame.

These blockers are L-shaped pieces of plastic or wood. They drill on the inside of your window frames, so the other part of the L covers the gap. It doesn’t touch the blind, making it still easy enough to open and close your window treatments.

Look at your budget and your design needs. Are light blockers the best option or do you want to change the type of blinds in Escondido you have? There’s no wrong or right answer here. It’s whatever is preferential to you.

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