How to Get a Vintage Look with Your Venetian Blinds in Bonsall

You want a vintage look in your home, and you need a new set of window treatments. A set of venetian blinds in Bonsall could be just what your interior designer ordered. You’ll just need to get the right set of venetians blinds.

 Just how do you get a vintage look with a set of blinds that often look contemporary? Here’s all you need to know to make sure you get a vintage look.

 Get the Right Type of Material

 The first step is to look at the type of materials you’re using. Vintage venetian blinds in Bonsall will often come in wood. That doesn’t mean you have to buy real wood blinds if you don’t want.

 You can get a set of faux wood blinds. They’ll need to come in the right colors, so you’ll want a set of faux wood blinds that look like the real thing. The plan is to make it look like you’ve bought real wood, while keeping the costs down and getting the best set of blinds for your home. 

Of course, real wood blinds are going to look far better. It’s easier to get that vintage style with the older material, especially if you’ve got recycled wood so it has a bit of wear and tear to it.

 Go for Rustic-Looking Venetian Blinds in Bonsall

 Whether you choose real wood or faux wood, you’ll want to think about the style of the venetian blinds. If you work with clean lines, you’ll get a more modern feel to the blinds. Look out for those that appear more rustic.

 Look out for those with slight scrapes or nicks in them. Look out for the blinds that aren’t necessarily even or have a rougher cut. The latter is especially beneficial if you get a set of real wood venetian blinds.

 The rougher cuts and nicks don’t have to impact the durability and practicality of the blinds. You can get a coating that will protect.

 Find Weathered-Looking Colors

 The next consideration is to look out for venetians blinds in Bonsall with a weathered-looking color. Find something that looks worn and old, so it appears like you’ve had it for years on end.

 This doesn’t mean the blind looks broken and damaged. You don’t have to use something that looks like it needs replacing. The idea is to get something that looks antique and well-cared for, bringing a sense of the past into the future.

 It’s Not All About the Blinds 

You can’t just rely on the venetian blinds to bring that vintage look into your home. You’ll need to make sure the material works with other décor in your home. Add the same type of wood for your shelving units and tables. Look out for the weathered wood for your ornaments and decorations.

 With everything working together, you’ll look like your home is one from the past. You can bring whatever time period you want into the modern day with a set of beautiful venetian blinds in Bonsall.

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