How To Choose Window Treatments for Different Styles of Windows

Dressing windows with stylish window treatments provides privacy and security while also boosting visual appeal and beauty. However, window treatments are not one size fits all, making it challenging to make decisions. We have compiled our top expert tips for styling unique windows to relieve some of that pressure.


Window Treatments for Skylight Windows

Skylights are a beautiful addition to homes as they provide pretty views and optimal natural light. On the contrary, they contribute to heat gain and loss, sun glare, and increased energy costs. They also tend to be hard to reach due to their usual height.


However, the right skylight window coverings can offer increased visual appeal, light control, and energy efficiency. Skylight shades and blinds come in various styles and fabrics to fit the interior design of any room. In addition, they are highly effective at blocking out unwanted light.


Choosing the right material for skylight window treatments provides additional benefits. For example, honeycomb and cellular shades insulate from outside heat. Synthetic shades can withstand prolonged sun exposure and are not susceptible to cracking under heat.


Lastly, motorized skylight shades and blinds allow for maximum light control despite being in hard-to-reach areas. Motorization is a perfect choice for improved usability and functionality!


Window Treatments for Large Windows

Large windows offer enhanced beauty, increased home value, fresh air, and natural light. However, due to their width and height, they can be difficult to style. Privacy is also a common concern when it comes to large windows. Nonetheless, there are options to embrace large windows while also achieving privacy.


Floor-to-ceiling window coverings add style to homes with large windows and are available in various types. Floor-to-ceiling shutter panels are easily closeable and maximize light control and privacy. Another great option is a vertical panel track, offered in many colors and fabrics. In addition, floor-to-ceiling sheer vertical blinds add elegance while diffusing light.


Layering draperies and shades adds depth to a room’s interior design while increasing energy efficiency by blocking the sun’s rays. For maximum privacy and sun protection, consider a window film that also preserves the window’s view.


Window Treatments for Arched & Geometric Windows

Believe it or not, there are even beautiful window covering options for arched and geometric windows. Wooden blinds and shutters are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. In addition, custom coverings can be made to fit the unique shape of any window and come in a variety of styles and options.


Styling arched or geometric windows with drapery can enhance the height of the room and the frame of the window’s arch.


Window Treatments for Sliding Doors

Vertical blinds are the perfect touch for sliding glass doors. They stack tightly to the side and can be customized by wand tilt, right draw, left draw, and split draw. S-shaped vertical blinds add extra dimension and offer improved room darkening. Classic vertical blinds paired with modern sliding panel tracks create a look that is beautiful and timeless.


And that’s just the beginning! There are tons of additional types, styles, and materials to choose from when it comes to window treatments. Although home redecorating is fun, it can be challenging to make the right decisions with so many variations on the market.


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