How to Choose Durable Plantation Shutters in Fallbrook

Fallbrook homes certainly benefit from sets of plantation shutters around the home. They can be used in very room and add to the character immediately. But you need to make sure your window treatments are durable, even when on the inside of the home. Here’s how to choose durable plantation shutters in Fallbrook to get the best option for your home.

Know the Downside of Any Material

Shutters come in a range of materials. You can get MDF with a vinyl covering, pure vinyl shutters, faux wood, real wood, and so much more. Before you even think about a material to order, you need to know the downsides. This helps you be ahead of the game to ensure the material remains worth the money.

Look at how difficult the material can become to clean. Find out why the plantation shutters in Fallbrook start to degrade. What can you do to help? Maintenance is key, whichever type of shutter material you get.

You’ll also need to know the best material for individual rooms. For example, MDF may be good for the living room but not for the bathroom. That brings us onto the next step of choosing durable shutters.

Selecting for the Room

Instead of getting the same material for every single shutter in the room, why not opt for different materials to work with the room you want to cover. For example, bathrooms can benefit from plantation shutters in Fallbrook but not if you’re going to choose MDF or basswood.

The materials aren’t water resistant. They sag and succumb to moisture damage over time. So you want to make sure you get faux wood or even vinyl shutters.

Meanwhile, rooms where you want to create a classic, sophisticated look, you’ll want to consider basswood, pine, or even poplar shutters. They can be stained in neutral tones, helping them stand out and create that traditional appearance.

Make Sure You Choose the Right Company

Sometimes, it’s not about the materials. All plantation shutters in Fallbrook can be good, as long as they’re made by the right people. You need to ensure the louvers sit properly and that the shutter doors swing open right.

One of the most problematic materials is faux wood. While among the most durable materials and a favorite for many, they can be the worst if made poorly. The joints can be tricky and this can lead to the louvers not working properly or the shutters looking like they’re on an angle.

You’ll also want to make sure they’re treated properly. Find out more about the varnishing that’s used or the materials used within the wood.

Consider the Chances of Fire

Fire is one of the most devastating things that can happen to your home. A shutter can be the make or break, either adding fuel or helping to reduce the spreading. Synthetic foam shutters are certainly worth consideration if you’ve suffered a fire in the past.

This material may be among the heaviest, but it’s fire resistant with good insulation benefits. If you want peace of mind, the cost for these plantation shutters in Fallbrook are more than worth it.

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