How Much Will Roman Shades in Escondido Cost?

While there are many types of window coverings out there, you’ve possibly fallen for roman shades in Escondido. They look amazing in the home, offering a bridge between vintage and modern. While not suitable for every single room in the home, they work for the majority.

 Now you need to think about the cost of your window treatments. That’s going to be a huge factor in whether you get certain types. You’ll want to make sureyou have the budget for your treatment of choice. 

While it’s not easy to say exactly how much your roman shades will cost, it is possible to offer a rough guide. In the end, though, you’ll need to get quotes for your exact windows. 

A Large Range of Price 

It’s possible for roman shades in Escondido to cost as little as $80. Great, right? However, it’s also possible for them to cost more than $600.

 Yes, that’s a huge price range. How can something have such a large price range? It’s all do to with the type and amount of material you get, along with whether you get premade or custom-made window coverings.

 Size is the greatest reason for the cost fluctuations. Some people have small windows in their homes. Others will need to cover large spaces. Most of the time, you need 20-40 inches of material, which will see you need to budget between $100 and $300.

 If you get a standard size, such as 24 x 36 or 36 x 54, you could save some money. These are often premade, which certainly helps to keep the cost down.

 Material and Style of Roman Shades in Escondido Affects Matters 

You’ll need to think about the material that you get. Most roman shades come in a fabric material, but this still isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. Something you’ll need to consider is the thickness of the material.

 Want blackout shades? You’ll need thicker material. That means more gabric being used, and so there’s a higher cost involved. Meanwhile, those who are happen for light filtering will get away with thinner material. They use less and that means a lower cost.

 But it’s not just about thickness. It’s going to be about the quality of the material. You can end up spending $400 on your roman shades in Escondido because you’ve chosen a custom blend of material or a high-end option like wool or silk. The same applies if you want specialized ultraviolet protected material.

 If you want cheap roman shades, you’re going to need ot look at the likes of synthetic material. Standard blackout roman shades could cost $100-$150, depending on the size.

 Then there’s the style. If you opt for the standard styles of roman shades, like stacked or cascading materials, you can save a considerably amount of money. The more specialized you go, the more likely you are to need that $600 budget per shade.

 You need to know what you want to gain from your roman shades in Escondido before you start looking for them. What type of wishes do you have for size, style, and material? They’re going to affect your price.

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