How Do Plantation Shutters in Solana Beach Work?

You’ve heard that plantation shutters in Solana Beach are the best options for your home. They’re energy efficient, will save you money in various areas of your home, and add value when it comes to sell. That’s all great but you need to use your shutters properly. You need to make sure they’re installed properly.

How do plantation shutters work? Here’s a look at everything you need to know.

Make Sure They Close Securely

To make sure your plantation shutters in Solana Beach are as energy efficient as possible, there are two sections that need to be closed. The first is the shutter panels, which are often made of a faux or real wood.

Swing the panels towards your window and push into the shutter frame. If your shutters are made well, they’ll fit snuggly into the frame, ensuring minimal gaps. When there are gaps, it’s a sign that the shutters haven’t been made to fit properly and you’re going to lose heat.

Now use the interlocking mechanism to lock the shutters closed. You’ll usually find that there’s weather stripping in between the panels, which offers more energy efficiency, so also make sure these interlock with one another.

The second section to ensure is closed properly on your plantation shutters in Solana Beach is the louver section. These are the panels within the shutters that allow some light in, acting a little like venetian blinds in a way. Make sure you close these when you want to maximize the efficiency.

Always turn the louvers from the middle if there isn’t a tilt rod on the side. This ensures the weight is spread evenly when moving them.

When’s the Best Time to Close Your Plantation Shutters in Solana Beach?

Now you know how to close them securely, it’s time to decide the right time. Your shutters are very much like your windows. If you wouldn’t open your windows, then opening your shutters isn’t really the best idea.

During the colder months of the year, you’ll want to keep your shutters closed as much as possible. This will prevent the heat from escaping the room. If you want to allow some light in, considering using the louvers but keep the shutter doors closed. This offers the heating benefits while still feeling like it’s daytime in your home.

Likewise, in the heat of the summer, consider keeping the doors closed. This helps to prevent the heat coming into the room from the outside. You’ll minimize the UV ray damage in the home and keep your air conditioning use to a minimum.

Other times of the year, you can allow more light into your home by opening the shutters completely.

Are you ready to make the most of your plantation shutters in Solana Beach? It’s time to use them to your advantage by maximizing the energy efficiency benefits. By using them at the right time and securely closing, you’ll get more value out of the investment you’ve made and feel more comfortable at home.

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