Home Decoration Tips with Roman Shades in Encinitas

Encinitas roman shades are beautiful. They offer a range of colors and patterns, working with all types of decor you have. To many people reject roman shades because they fear they don’t have enough style. It’s all in the way they’re used. Here’s a look at five top home decoration tips to make them work perfectly.

Make Them Center of Attention

Start by making your roman shades in Encinitas the center of attention in any room that you walk into. You can do this through simple, neutral colors around the walls and bold colors within the shades. Make them stand out and command the attention they deserve.

Use that color in smaller sections of your room. Add throws, cushions, and shelving units in the same color. The complementary shades will help to make all these smaller elements draw attention.

Another option is to use detail to draw attention. Keep the main shade the same color, but add a small element of detail in a bolder color. It’s the shading that will catch peoples’ eyes.

Make Them Blend In Easily

Alternatively, you could opt for your roman shades to blend into the rest of the room. This is easy though choosing the same color as your walls. You want them to almost become invisible.

One of the benefits is the shades are just for practical needs. They blend into the background and allow you to make another element of the room to stand out. You’ll want the color of the shade to match the color of the wall as much as possible. Even the slightest change can draw attention.

Choose Your Fabric to Allow Light In

While you want to control the amount of light coming in and out of your home, a little light can be good. Opt for a fabric that will cut out the glare but keep some of the natural lighting in your home. You’ll help to frame the window, making it warm and beautiful.

This is another way to draw attention to the beautiful Encinitas roman shades. Some materials have a transparency that can help to add a halo style around the shades to add extra beauty.

Add Panels and Cornices

Don’t just make it about the shades. Opt for some decoration around the shades and the window. Panels and cornices are among the most popular options. They’re extremely easy to install and will be easily affordable. You can use all types of materials, depending on your decor and the other materials already used in your decoration.

Your roman shades aren’t just a practical item in the home. They become part of the decoration.

Customise for Your Needs

Don’t be afraid to ask about customisation. This can end up costing a little extra money, but you get the exact style you need. This is a way to make sure your shades are unique to your home and will draw attention exactly where you want.

Are you ready to make the most of your Encinitas roman shades? Think about coloring, fabrics, and much more. Now you just have to decide if you want them to stand out or remain invisible and practical. There’s no wrong or right answer. 

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