Cord Safety Tips for Your Roman Blinds in San Marcos

While you know that cordless blinds are the safest option for your home, sometimes you don’t get a choice. If you’re renting, your property may already come with corded roman blinds in San Marcos. That means you need to take steps to protect your family from the hazards of the cords.

 If you need to keep the cords, you’ll want to take steps to make them safe for your children and pets. Here are the top safety tips for roman blinds with cords.

 Cut the Loops

 If you can, cut out all the loops from the cords. It’s the loops that cause the biggest concern for your children, as they don’t realize the dangers of putting their heads into the loops. They just think they’re having fun “dressing up.”

 You can cut the loops on the majority of roman blinds in San Marcos. Just cut about the mid-point/closer to the top of the side that pulls down. This avoids losing the cord and the ability to use your blinds.

 Tie Up the Loops

 When you can’t cut out the loops, you’ll want to tie them up out of the way. Make sure they’re not reached by smaller hands. You’ll be able to pin completely out of the way.

 Yes, this will be a hassle to open and close your blinds. However, it’s going to be worth the hassle when you keep your family safe.

 If you don’t want to put the loops out of the way, use tension rods to keep the loops tight. This makes it impossible for children or pets to get their heads into the loops, causing a risk to their lives.

 Avoid All Furniture from Your Roman Blinds in San Marcos 

It’s often tempting to put the couch near the window. Try to avoid doing this, especially if you have corded blinds. The couch becomes something to climb on, meaning pets and kids can reach the cords on the blinds.

 You want to avoid any furniture from near the windows. Keep them free so you can easily walk up to them. This won’t just make the blinds safer for the family. You’ll also find it easier to open and clean your windows!

 Look at Replacing as Soon as Possible

 If you’re renting, you may not get much of a choice. However, it’s something you’ll want to discuss to the rental company about. Talk to them about removing corded structures for the safety of the whole family – and any future families moving into the property. A reasonable rental agency won’t have a problem with the switch when they’re aware of the dangers.

 For those who are buying a home, look at replacing your window treatments. Don’t get roman blinds in San Marcos. They’re actually getting harder to buy anyway thanks to legislation but if you go custom-made, avoid the cords.

 Corded window treatments are a danger to pets and children. You want to make your living space as safe as possible. You can take steps to make your current roman blinds in San Marcos safer until you get the chance to replace them for cordless window treatments.

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