Can You Get Roller Shades in Vista for Triangular or Circular Windows?

Not all houses have traditional rectangular windows. There are some who thought triangular, circular, and other oddly shaped windows would be a good idea. While they look fun and unique, they can be a pain to get window treatments for. Roller shades in Vista are among the cheapest and best for those who are renting or in a short-term position, but can you get them for your oddly shaped windows?

The short answer is yes. However, these types of roller shades aren’t going to be the cheapest that you can find on the market. After all, there are high chances that you’ll need to get custom shades.

Can’t You Cover with Normal Roller Shades in Vista?

If you really want to keep the costs down, you could opt for shades that are just the normal shape and size as traditional windows. Roller shades can be screwed into the wall just above the window frames, which means the material will sit over the window. There’s no need to tackle with the odd shapes or find something custom made.

This is great for cost and ease, but you will lose the benefit of seeing the shape of the window on a night. What if you want to show off the different shape from the inside of the home. That’s the reason you wanted a house with this type of window, right?

Another downside of just getting any shape is that they don’t always cover the window properly. You can end up with a few gaps here and there, meaning heat escapes. You don’t get all the benefits of having roller shades in Vista homes.

Custom Made for Strange Designs

When you get a custom-made roller shade for your triangular or circular window, you know it’s going to fit. The shade is designed to work with the exact shape and with the dimensions, so the shade doesn’t have all the extra gaps others will.

On top of this, you have something that shows off the shape of the window. You can make the window pop more with strategic colors and patterns.

Want another benefit? How about the fact that you can get something that is cordless and works with odd methods of opening and closing? Cordless roller shades in Vista are the safest for younger members of the family. They also sit better in the window frame to get rid of all gaps, since many will be on a runner.

The roller shade can also pull up instead of just down to close. This is highly beneficial when you have a triangle with the point at the top. The shade will need to sit at the bottom of the frame and roll upwards, which tends to be the less favored since roller shades work well with the gravity pulling them down.

If you want roller shades in Vista for your triangular or circular shades, you’ll certainly want to consider custom options. They look amazing and will work for the exact shape of the window so you gain all the roller shade benefits.

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