5 Types of Patio Blinds in Escondido to Consider for Your Home

You want to enjoy your time on the patio, but the heat and the light bearing down on you makes it difficult. It’s time to consider Escondido patio blinds for the home. The problem is there are so many different types and you have no idea which ones will work for you. Here are five types, with their pros and cons, for the patio.

Verandah Blinds

One of the most common types of patio blinds in Escondido are verandah blinds. They allow the light to still get in, but they offer privacy and shelter. They are also good for minimizing glare and some heat, while just allowing the light to shine through. Think of them as solar shades but for the outside of your home. The downside is they don’t offer full privacy on a night if it’s still warm enough to sit outside.

PVC Café Blinds

Another popular type of patio blind is the café blinds. These are PVC coverings for the outside of the home, and can be either tinted or clear. They offer shelter when you want to sit outside in the rain, allowing you to still benefit from the fresh air and use of the area. The downside is they don’t really block out the glare from the sun and offer little in the way of privacy.

Retractable Awnings

You’ll usually see these types of patio blinds in Escondido around cafes, restaurants, and other businesses. They have mechanical arms that hold up the material, offering some reprieve from the sun’s glare and UV, without losing any of the light. They create shade underneath, making it comfortable to sit outside during the summer and offer some protection from the elements above. However, they offer no privacy benefits, except from above you.

Alfresco Blinds

It’s possible to get vertical tensions screens, known as alfresco blinds, installed on your patio. These tend to be popular for balconies and small patios, offering a protective screen from the heat, the elements, and the UV rays. They can be see-through, allowing light in, but you can also get completely opaque patio blinds in Escondido for more privacy. They tend to be linked to a motorized system for easy opening and closing.

Retractable Roofs

What about something for the top of your patio? You can look into installing retractable roofs. It’s a type of awning that is beneficial for protection from above, offering shelter from rain and the sun’s direct heat. You can also use the patio throughout the year and the roof can help to minimize the amount of snow that falls on your patio. However, you will need to think about material. Fabric roofs can become too heavy with consistent snow fall.

Escondido patio blinds are highly beneficial for the home. You get more enjoyment of the outside space. You’ll want to look into all your options and know what you want to gain from the blinds. Are you after just heating benefits or do you want total privacy? This affects the best type of blind for you.

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