5 Beautiful Ideas for Roman Blinds in Vista Homes

You’ve decided to install Vista roman blinds in each of the rooms in your home. This is certainly a good choice. Now you need to decide on the styles, colors, and patterns you want. Try not to get overwhelmed by the choice. Here are five beautiful ideas to get you started.

1. Block Color to Work with the Space

Start by just opting for one block color. This is the point where you need to decide whether your blinds will stand out from the rest of the walling or whether you want the windows to blend in. There’s no right or wrong answer here. It’s whatever your personality and tastes say will work. If you want to blend in, work with neutral colors. You can still get beautiful options, especially in whites and creams. Want something to stand out? Work with bold and bright colors like reds and yellows.

2. Get Pinstripe Blinds

How about roman blinds in Vista with a stripped design? You can opt for standard two-colored stripes that are the same width, but pinstripe could be something to consider for a little more detail. You can opt for a white or cream background and work in a bolder color for the pinstripes. While the colors will stand out, they won’t take too much attention from the room if you don’t want.

3. Vine or Floral Patterns

When it comes to the living room, dining room, or guest bedroom, you could consider Vista roman blinds with beautiful floral or vine patterns. These stand out well but more because of the intricacy and beauty than the colors. You can go as bold or basic as you want. Opt for black and white blinds that add a contemporary minimalist feel, or opt for flowers at the end of the vines to add a feel of nature inside your home.

4. Work with Multiple Colors

When it comes to the kids’ room, a den, or a playroom, you may want to consider roman blinds in Vista with multiple colors and patterns. While sometimes overwhelming, in a child’s room, multiple colors can be good for eye development. You can opt for diamonds of different colors, polka dots, or just alternating stripes. These types of patterns are also good to set out a room for playing in, as the colors will instantly make you think of soft play centers.

5. Opt for Bamboo Shades

You could also choose roman blinds made with natural materials. Bamboo is one of the most versatile and beautiful options for these types of shades. One of the greatest benefits is bamboo handles moisture and humidity well. If you want roman shades in the bathroom, bamboo options really are the best.

Think about the experience you want your guests to have. Consider the type of look you want for the room. You’ll also want to think of who is in there the most. Once you know that, you’ll find Vista roman blinds that are perfect for everyone.

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