4 Types of Exterior Shutters in Cardiff for Your Home

If you’ve decided to get shutters in Cardiff for the outside of your home, you’ll want to make sure they suit the style and period of your home. The shutters aren’t just practical but decorative. Here are the four types of exterior shutters to consider and the types of home they work well for.

Raised Panel Shutters

One of the most common types of shutters is the raised panel style. These shutters look very similar to your kitchen cabinets or doors. They either have a single- or a double-raised panel. They tend to be the most low-profile and versatile types of shutters, acting as doors for your windows. This makes them perfect for almost every type of home.

They’re especially beneficial for Victorian, Colonial, and Georgian homes. They are also beautiful for modern-day homes when you want to dress them out and create a sense of timelessness.

Because of the durability of the shutters in Cardiff, they immediately add value to your home. They’re the most practical options, too, helping to blend into the style of home and protect the windows.

Louvered, Plantation-Style Shutters

Another popular type is the louvered shutter. These can look a little like plantation shutters for the outside of the home. The louvers act as slats that allow light and air to pass through the home. You can have your shutters closed throughout the day but still allow the light in by opening the louvers.

The louvers also make it easy to direct the light. They’re perfect for sliding windows or the types of windows that open fully. You can quickly close the louvers whenever you need.

These types of shutters look casual but classical at the same time. Like raised panel options, they work for all types of homes. They’re especially beneficial for the more new-age builds that you get now.

BnB Shutters in Cardiff

BnB or B and B shutters are also known as board and batten shutters. They’re more traditional, old-school shutters that look more like a barn shutter than anything else. Using strips of wood with a cross panel, the shutters create a sense of rustic appeal to your home.

They are most definitely sturdy and durable. The downside is they block out all light coming into your home. These types of shutters also don’t work with every type of home.

They’re best for the older houses, like the French country or a southern-style home. Think of the places that benefit from extra protection from the storms.

Bahama Shutters

Finally, it’s all about the Bahama shutters. They’re sometimes called Bermuda shutters and have a louvered section at the top with a blocked outsection at the bottom.

Bahama shutters in Cardiff are completely different to anything else you’ll find. They open from the top, creating a sense of a covering when completely open. The air and light can flow in easily.

Cottages and ranches benefit beautiful from these types of exterior shutters in Cardiff. They’re also best for those that suffer from bad weather frequently.

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