4 Top Tips for Window Coverings in Oceanside

Whether you’re redecorating or you’re moving in to somewhere new, your window coverings in Oceanside will be something to look at. You want something practical, but you also want something stylish. That means following these top tips for your window coverings in 2019.

Keep It Minimalistic

Minimal is most definitely in. The more simplistic the better.

Sometimes, your window coverings in Oceanside can be too much. You walk in and get this sense of overwhelm and distraction by the windows. You need to strip things back and work with simple colors, lines, and styles.

This could mean a set of white faux wood venetian blinds or a cream roller shade for each of your windows. Simple isn’t boring. It’s classic and understated.

Brighten Up Your Window Treatments

While working with minimalistic styles, make sure your window coverings in Oceanside are bright. Whether you have a larger or small room, lighter colors are most definitely your friends.

White tends to be the best. It’s reflective and contemporary, pulling in a sense of ease and calm in the room. If you want a slightly different color, work with light yellows or oranges. These summery colors will immediately make you feel happier when you walk into the room.

This isn’t to say bold colors don’t work. If you are going bold, keep them lighter in shade. You’ll reflect more light to make your rooms look larger than they are.

Considering Window Coverings in Oceanside in Seasonal Colors

While we’re on the subject of colors, you’ll want to consider the season. Look out for colors that work with the current in-shades. After all, icy blues won’t quite work in the middle of fall when it’s about the browns and greens.

Working with the season will help you bring an essence of the outside into your home. You’ll be able to add the feeling of fashion and style in your rooms.

You can work against the season at times. If you want to add a touch of summer in the middle of winter, do it through your window coverings in Oceanside but still look at colors that are in season where possible.

Soften the Direct Light with Layers

A set of white curtains are great for creating brightness but getting practicality at night. The downside is they may not work during the day. While you want to cut out the glare, you don’t want to lose the light. This is where layers are your best friend.

Get a set of sheer curtains or solar shades, especially for rooms with direct sunlight coming in. Not only do they reduce the glare, but they can help to reduce the growing temperatures and keep the UV damage to furniture and walls to a minimum.

Texturing like this can also add more heating benefits and lighting control. You’ll gain more privacy and comfort in your home.

It’s time to look at gaining as much as possible from your window coverings in Oceanside. With the above four tips, you have window treatments that will dazzle, shine, and make you feel comfortable in your own home.

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