4 Top Tips for Decorating with Plantation Shutters in Solana Beach

Plantation shutters in Solana Beach are beautiful additions for any home. While they don’t work for all needs, they can be excellent value of money for those who are living somewhere they own for the long term.

 Before you buy your shutters, you’ll need to think about the living space and the property of the home. Here are the top four tips for decorating with plantation shutters to make sure you get the right type.

 Place Shutters on All Windows in the Home

 Whether your plantation shutters in Solana Beach will be for the interior or the exterior, you want to place the shutters on every window in the home. This is a necessity for the exterior, but many will choose to do this for the interior. After all, you can see your interior shutters from the outside.

 If you can’t afford all shutters just yet, work on one room at a time. You’ll want to make sure every room in one room is covered by the same window treatment for consistency in your design. Dressing all rooms in the home continues that consistency and also makes your home more comfortable when moving from room to room.

 Mount Plantation Shutters in Solana Beach on the Inside 

If you have the room in your window frames, look at getting the inside mounted shutters. They will streamline your windows, making the space look less busy. The shutters look like they’ve always belonged with your windows.

 You will need to buy shutters that are custom made for the windows. Your frames aren’t going to be exactly square. And each frame will possibly be a different size. Get someone in to measure each frame individually to make sure your shutters offer all the benefits you expect. 

Consider Divider Rails

 You can get some plantation shutters in Solana Beach with divider rails. These tend to sit in the middle of the shutters (although you can get them set at different parts of the window depending on your preferences) and will allow you to open individual parts of the shutter. You can open the top half instead of opening the whole shutter, for example.

 Divider rails will mean the cost of your shutters increases. However, you’ll gain more control over the lighting and privacy in your home. They can be excellent for larger windows.

 Choose Louver Width Based on Window Size

 Look at the size of your window to help choose the size of the louvers you get for your shutters. If you have small windows, you’ll want to avoid the larger louvers. The 2.5-inch louvers will be perfect for your needs. Larger louvers end up making your windows look smaller than they are. 

With larger windows, you have a choice. You can get the larger louvers if you prefer. Keep in mind that larger louvers will mean larger gaps, so you gain less benefits.

 Decorating with plantation shutters in Solana Beach is more than just thinking about the color. You need to make sure the window treatment works with your windows and your home in terms of style and size.

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