4 Tips to Fit Wooden Blinds in Fallbrook for Your Bay Windows

Fallbrook wooden blinds can look absolutely beautiful in bay windows. They help to add more to the style and make the windows stand out in the way that many other blinds and shades can’t. You get full light control, while offering plenty of privacy and heating benefits. However, you need to choose the right wood blinds for your bay window styling. Here are the top four tips to choose the perfect wooden blinds for your bay windows.

White for the Period Features

If you have period features in your bay windows, you’ll want to consider keeping your wooden blinds either natural or opt for white ones. The white blinds will look bright and compliment the window sill and décor. They are also neutral to work with any other colors you have around your home.

You will need to keep the blinds clean if you choose white. They can pick up dust quick easily, but a quick run with the duster whenever your cleaning will be enough.

Measure Your Square Windows Properly

Square bay windows have this unique style that stands out beautifully, and wooden blinds are beautiful additions to them. However, you will want to fit the blinds just right and that means taking more care with measuring. Because of the cut of the blinds, you can usually create more privacy in square bay windows with them.

Consider mini blinds for your square bay windows. This can sometimes help them sit better and work to your heating advantage, since you cover up more space easily.

Go Vintage with Wood Stains

When you have a Victorian or Edwardian house, you want to consider the dramatic wood stains for your wooden blinds. They have a more antique style, bringing the vintage focus to more light.

If you’re not sure about using stained wooden blinds, you can always look for faux wooden blinds in Fallbrook. They tend to last longer and won’t need as much maintenance. When you do opt for real wood, make sure you get those with a good varnish finish to complete the look.

Get Uneven Slats for Cabins

You can go with an uneven look to your slats. While the blinds will be the same size at the edges, the actual slats look like you’ve got a range of different branches. This helps to create that rustic look for your cabins or outdoor space with bay windows.

The downside is you can lose some of the heating benefits, as there may be gaps. You will want to consider layering with some rustic style curtains to offer an extra cover.

Think about the bay window style and the focus you want to bring to them. Do you want to match specific features or create more privacy for your home? The answer to this will affect the tips above that you follow for choosing wooden blinds in Fallbrook for your bay windows.

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