4 Tips for Using Blackout Shades in Solana Beach in Your Rented Apartment

You’ve got a set of blackout shades in Solana Beach. They’re not your first choice of window covering but you don’t really have a choice. After all, you’ve moved into an apartment that you’re renting. Changing the window treatments isn’t an option.

Make use of the blackout shades and make sure they work to your advantage. Here are four ways you can use the window treatments.

It’s Going to Depend on the Style

Naturally, the benefits will depend on the type of window coverings you have. Blackout shades in Solana Beach are traditionally roller shades but that’s not always going to be the case. They could be a set of dual shades or maybe even a set of roman shades or venetian blinds.

For the purpose of this article, we’re going to assume you have the traditional roller blinds. These are the most common for rented apartments, anyway.

Keep the Top Part Down

You don’t have to roll the blinds all the way down. Instead of covering the whole window, opt to keep your blinds partially closed. This is a great way to keep the glare from the room and protect various items of furniture from sun damage.

Only roll down the top quarter of the window or so. This will keep the light shining through during the day when you don’t need the blackout effect and offer protection from the sun.

Work With a Second Window Treatment

Just because you have a set of blackout shades in Solana Beach doesn’t mean you can’t add another window treatment. One of the downsides of blackout shades is that they don’t offer privacy throughout the day. You could get a set of net curtains to go between the window and the shade if you want that. A set of linen curtains are also good.

If you want more heating benefits, consider a set of thicker curtains. They go in front of the shades in your home, so you can use them as and when you need them.

Pin the Cords for Blackout Shades in Solana Beach Out of the Way

Corded shades are among the cheapest, which is why a lot of landlords will install them. The thought of safety for children and pets isn’t a consideration, so you need to take action. Make sure you have a method to pin the cords out of the way.

Don’t put furniture near the windows, so children can’t climb up. You’ll want to ensure the pin is secure so the cords can’t fall down when not in use.

Always Use Them at Night

Regardless of the room, make sure you use your blackout shades on a night. They offer complete privacy when you’re in your house with your own lights turned on. Remember that while you can’t see out, people can’t see in either.

You’ll also find the shades are perfect in the day in the bathroom or bedrooms. You can feel more secure in your home.

While blackout shades in Solana Beach aren’t for everyone, they can be useful items for the home. If you’re stuck with them in a rented apartment use them effectively for your needs.

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