4 Tips for Securing Your Front Door

Your front door is like the smile of your home. It is often the first thing people will notice and will play a role in setting the first impression that your home gives off. Unfortunately, a front door is also one of the first things burglars will notice when making plans to break into a home.


Most break-ins aren’t the large heists like the movies would make us believe. In fact, it’s more often that home intruders will take advantage of an easy opportunity to simply enter a home. Unlocked doors and hidden spare keys are often what make it easy for burglars to get in and out of a home. Ensure that your front door and all the other entry points of your home are secure by taking preventative measures beforehand.


Reinforce the Core of Your Front Door

A flimsy front door isn’t going to offer very much protection for your home and what’s inside. When looking to upgrade the security of any of your doors, it is essential to make sure they are made from a sturdy material. A door with a solid core will be able to resist break-ins more effectively than one that is hollow. At your entry points, try to ensure that those doors are made of either metal or solid wood. This will help make it more difficult for them to be kicked in or tampered with by potential intruders.


Optimize Your Locks

The locks on our doors are there for a reason, but not all locks are created equally when it comes to securing a home. Deadbolts have risen in popularity when it comes to front door security, and there’s a reason for that. As the most secure and cost-effective type of lock, it comes in single and double-cylinder options that extend into the strike plate of the door frame to help keep the entry secure. Just ensure that the bolt extends into the door frame far enough to achieve optimal security.

Keep Your Entry Lit

One of the easiest ways to boost the security of your front door is to ensure that the area is well lit so that any unintended activity is easily visible.  Most burglars take advantage of easy opportunities, like entering a home when no one is home. Simply turning on a porch light can serve as a sign that someone is in the house. Good outdoor lighting also makes it easier for neighbors or those passing by to identify suspicious activity and hopefully take action. For a more advanced option, motion-detecting lights can be an excellent addition to a home as they will help alert you when there is movement in specific spaces outside of the house.

Invest in Security Screen

It’s no secret that the harder it is for a criminal to enter a front door, the less appealing the home is as a burglary target. A security screen can serve as a barrier and extra layer of protection for your front door. Like locks, though, not all security screens are created equally, which is why choosing one that is strong and sturdy is essential to effective home security. Both the frame and the screen mesh should be tamper-resistant and able to withstand the impact of a potential intruder.

When choosing a security screen, there is no better option than Crimsafe. Whether it’s for your front door, back door, or windows, the protection offered by Crimsafe Security Screens is unparalleled. Custom-made and put through rigorous testing, each Crimsafe is nearly impossible to cut or penetrate due to the 304-grade stainless steel mesh, meaning your house will be protected from unwanted intruders. Discover what benefits a Crimsafe Security Screen can bring to your life by contacting Budget Blinds today!

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